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75 Years, 75 Days and Counting: UN Security Council Vote Repeatedly Delayed Due to US; Expected Today

Radiance News Service

New Delhi, Dec. 21: With the death toll in Palestine now exceeding 20,000 in the last 75 days (and counting), yet another UNSC vote is in the works. However, the Council postponed the key vote on a bid to boost humanitarian aid for Gaza for the third time, because in its current form, the US would inevitably veto it, as it has previous resolutions. Now, the vote is due to take place today in New York if signals are sent that the US is willing to agree to certain key use of words and phrases that would make the vote significant.

The US has so far consistently opposed any push towards a ceasefire, echoing Israel’s claims of its right to defence and not explaining how, a spokesperson for the US mission to the United Nations argued that the current draft of the resolution that aims to boost humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip “could actually slow down” deliveries.

Meanwhile, the Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi warned that a failure to pass the resolution would mean applying “dangerous double standards”.

This comes in light of expanded Israeli aggression in areas like Khan Younis and Rafah. Airstrikes hit near the Kuwait Special Hospital in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, where hundreds of thousands of people have been sheltering since early December due to Israel’s continued onslaught. The strike which killed 10 people was seen live on air as an Al Jazeera crew was covering the area.

In Gaza City, meanwhile, the Israeli army has blown up the Palestine Mosque in the Al Remal neighbourhood, after stationing itself inside the building for the past month.

The UN, through the OHCHR, has also released a statement on what it calls unlawful killings in Gaza City of 11 unarmed Palestinian men in front of their family members in Al Remal, Gaza.






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