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A session on 5Fs for Attaining Eternal Peace and Joy at Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women

Rabia Basri

Chennai: An inspiring and serendipitous turn of events occurred when Mrs. Amthul Azeez, Principal of Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women (SIET), reached out with an extraordinary proposal. She suggested conducting a motivational speech exclusively for the students, deviating from our initial plan to address just the professors. This unexpected twist was not only a pleasure but also a testament to the visionary leadership of my dear friend, Mrs. Amthul Azeez, the Principal. In response to her suggestion, I promptly adjusted the schedule of the National Secretaries of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.

The appointed time for this special event was 10 AM. A distinguished group of National and State Secretaries, including Mrs. Rahmathunnissa, Mrs. Shaista Rafat, Mrs. Fatima Jalal, National Executive Member Mrs. Fakira Ateeq, and myself, convened at the college on time. We engaged in a brief yet productive discussion with Principal and a selected group of distinguished professors. Among the academic luminaries Assistant Professor Mr. Jamaal Sayeed, Mrs. H. Abida from the Department of English; Dr S. Rizwana Begum from the Department of Biochemistry; Mrs. Rasheeda Banu from the Department of Home Science; and Vice Principal Dr D.A. Shahira Banu from the Department of Botany were also present.

At 10:30 AM, we entered a beautifully adorned and eagerly awaited, crowded hall. It was packed with both students and staff members, brimming with anticipation. The program commenced with the soul-soothing recitation of Quranic verses by Ms. Aysha Maryam, a 3rd-year Psychology student, setting a serene and spiritual ambiance. Our gracious host, Ms. Tahura Fathima, a 3rd-year Psychology student, took the stage to introduce the distinguished guests, and the spotlight then welcomed Mrs. Rahmathunnissa to enlighten the audience with her inspiring and motivational words.

Mrs. Rahmathunnissa A’s address revolved around the profound theme of ‘Attaining Eternal Peace and Joy’.

She beautifully broke down this vast topic using the framework of the 5 Fs, and said each of which plays a unique and significant role in everyone’s life: They are as follows:

  • Focus (F1): The first F emphasizes the critical importance of focus in one’s life, emphasizing that a clear direction and unwavering attention are essential for success and contentment.
  • Friends (F2): The second F illuminates the value of selecting friends sensibly, as they exert a profound influence on our lives. Building strong and positive relationships was portrayed as pivotal to our overall well-being.
  • Failure (F3): The third F is about dispelling the notion of failure as a mere setback, depicting it as a stepping stone to personal growth. The audience was encouraged to embrace failure as an inevitable part of life’s journey.
  • Fame (F4): The fourth F being cautious against the seductive allure of fame and she urged the audience to prioritize substance over superficial recognition.
  • Feelings (F5): The fifth F delves into the realm of emotions, emphasizing the importance of understanding and managing our feelings as a key to a balanced and joyful life.

An interactive session with questions posed to students and staff members sparked insightful discussions that fostered a sense of connection and collective growth.

The program concluded with a warm vote of thanks delivered by Ms. Tahura Fathima, a 3rd-year Psychology student. This exceptional event left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of everyone, reiterating the significance of inspiring and empowering the next generation.


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