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A thought-provoking exploration of Israel-Palestine conflict

Prof. Achin Vanaik navigated the nuances of the conflict


Radiance News Service

Goa, Nov. 29: The Centre for the Study of Philosophy and Humanities (CSPH) organised a talk on the History of Palestine, addressing Israeli occupation and settler colonies, life of Palestinians under siege, and what world leaders and their organisations say on the issue. The talk was delivered by Professor Achin Vanaik, retired Professor of International Relations and former Head of the Department of Political Science, University of Delhi.

The talk unfolded as a thought-provoking exploration of the intricate Israel-Palestine conflict. Professor Vanaik, a seasoned expert on International Relations, dissected the historical context and contemporary dynamics of the ongoing struggle for justice in the region. His assertion that Israel’s occupation stands as the longest-running illegal military occupation of the 20th and 21st centuries set the tone for a critical examination of power dynamics. The professor’s characterization of Israel’s actions as a sustained “terrorist campaign,” rather than mere self-defense, injected a bold perspective into the discourse.

Throughout the talk, Prof. Vanaik navigated the nuances of the conflict, addressing the role of Hamas and emphasizing the right of the occupied to resist. His analogy between the Palestinian struggle and India’s fight against British colonialism provided a historical lens through which the audience could contextualize the complexities at play. The professor’s disappointment with the Indian government’s stance on the conflict and his observation that a majority of Indians are preoccupied with livelihood issues, contributing to a lack of engagement with foreign policy matters, sparked introspection among the audience.

Notably, Prof. Vanaik’s call for a universal recognition of the justice of the Palestinian cause resonated strongly. He defied categorizations, urging individuals to embrace a basic sense of humanity and unite under the banner of justice. Drawing parallels between historical resistance movements, he illuminated the enduring will of the Palestinian people to resist occupation, akin to India’s struggle for decolonization.

The talk concluded on a poignant note, with Prof. Vanaik scrutinizing the failure of global platforms and the two-state theory, underscoring the profound injustice done to Palestinians while rectifying the historical wrongs to Jews. Importantly, the manner in which the talk was conducted left a lasting impression on the audience.

The learned speaker’s articulate delivery, coupled with the depth of historical insight, ensured that attendees departed with a wealth of information, fostering a heightened awareness of the nuanced issues surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict. The event served as a commendable platform for informed discourse, enriching the audience’s understanding and encouraging continued reflection on the complexities inherent in the quest for justice in the Middle East.


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