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AIMDC Plans India’s Biggest Franchise and Dealership Expo

– Radiance News Service

All India Muslim Development Council (AIMDC) has announced to organise India’s Biggest Franchise & Dealership Expo in various cities. It is designed to drive new business, business to business (B2B) relationships and Networking conversations for channel partnerships.

The Expo will be held in Hyderabad during 7-8 October, Mumbai 4-5 November, Ahmedabad 18-19 November, Bangalore 25-26 November, Kochi 16-17 November, Delhi 20-21 December, Lucknow 6-7 January 2024. The dates for Chennai, Jaipur and Kolkata are yet to be announced.

Franchising sector contributes around 2.0 per cent to the GDP and forecast to contribute 5 per cent to National Income by 2025. Franchise management will grow at a whopping 30-35 per cent per year.

India has already made its place as the second largest franchise market globally (after the United States). There are around 1.5 lakh franchisees and more than 5000 franchisers operating in the country. The sector proved to be highly profitable in 2021 and 2022.

AIMDC is an initiative taken by the Muslim community, which is a budding NGO with its mission and vision to bring the Muslims all around India under one umbrella and using this unification to bring about a difference, which the society really needs.

With Masjids around the country connected through this association with the help of technological tools, each Masjid can now get recognition and bring about a tremendous change by uplifting social, economic, educational, cultural and national values that shall foster the Muslim community into growing, in all spheres of life.


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