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Bahraini MP Objects to US, French, British Envoys’ Presence at Int’l Palestinian Solidarity Event

Dec. 1: Mohammed Musa al-Balooshi, a member of Bahraini Parliament, while strongly criticizing the presence of the American, French, and British ambassadors at the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People event, said it is just like “killing a victim and then mourning at their funeral” and withdrew himself from the event objecting to their presence there.

Before leaving the event, Mohammed Musa said, “This speech represents me personally and does not represent the Speaker of the Parliament. In my speech I would like to say that the Palestinian cause is not only for Arabs or Muslims. It is the cause of every free person in this world. We all see the atrocities committed by Israel against our brothers and sisters in Gaza these days, are unlike any other. They are considered one of the most brutal in the history of war crimes.

While expressing his grave concern, Musa said, “I wonder how, on this day of solidarity of the Palestinian people, we have the Americans, French and British Ambassador attending. These countries have supported Israel and continue to do so. Unfortunately, they now claim to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. This is like killing a victim and then mourning at their funeral. Because of this, I apologize, but I need to withdraw from this event to voice my objection to the presence of Americans, French and British Ambassadors.”


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