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Bangladesh: A Role Model for Arabs

Bangladesh is smaller in size than Tunisia, and its population is more than that of Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia combined. In the year 2000, more than half of its population was below the poverty line, and more than 85 million could not read or write.

Half of the country’s population did not have access to electricity. There was unemployment, diseases and epidemics, environmental and natural disasters, and a destroyed infrastructure. Today, the gross domestic product of this country is more than the gross domestic product of Qatar, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Mauritania combined. The poverty has decreased by 30 per cent, and the percentage of educated people increased in country by 30 per cent.

Electricity has become available to all residents, and it is considered the second country in the world in the export of clothes. Every Arab is certain that there is at least one piece of clothing made in Bangladesh in his or her house.

Earlier, the country’s income was not more than 40 billion dollars, and the average annual per capita income did not exceed 600 dollars. Now, the state’s income is not less than 700 billion dollars, and the average per capita income is more than 6,000 dollars annually.

They also directed a large part of the state budget for education, development, technology, and digitisation. The state also supported freedom of opinion and expression and gave more space for women to be active in society. It is a unique example for the Arab world.

[by Mishal Al Sudairy in Asharq Al-Awsat]


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