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Biden’s blind support to Israel

“Netanyahu’s government is the most extreme ever since Golda Meir,” with these words US President criticized the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in July. This he said in the backdrop of the controversial bill passed in the Israeli Knesset as amendments in the judicial laws.

This has led to the division of Israeli society. Such a thing has not happened since the establishment of Israel 75 years ago. This is the same Biden who ordered the movement of the American aircraft carrier (USS Gerald Ford), the largest attack aircraft carrier in the world, to the shores of Israel. In solidarity with and in defence of it, just two days after the attacks on Israel at the hands of the Palestinian resistance on October 7. He also rushed to visit Tel Aviv only a few days after the attacks, pledging that his country would stand by Israel and fully support it in its war on the Gaza Strip.

Biden’s unlimited support for Israel stems primarily from his view of it, like other American politicians, as a political, security, and strategic asset for America in the Middle East which must not be neglected.

There is a commitment – from all American presidents and officials, particularly in the US Congress – to provide all types of military, strategic and diplomatic support to Israel. This was even legislated, to preserve Israel’s qualitative superiority over its neighbours in the region, to which all American administrations have been committed since the 1970s until now. This support has allowed Israel to become the largest recipient of US military aid in the world of approximately Four billion US dollar annually.

[by Dr. Khalil Alanani in Al Jazeera]

Compiled and translated by Faizul Haque


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