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Bulldozer action in Chhattisgarh: Is the return of BJP galvanising authorities to improve system or to selective targeting?

– Our Correspondent

Raipur, Dec. 6: The impact of change of power in Chhattisgarh with BJP having secured a majority in the Assembly polls could be vividly seen with the entry of bulldozers in the capital and neighbouring Bilaspur city.

The abrupt action by the district and police administration against the so-called unlawful business or encroachments using the bulldozers seem allegedly against those belonging to a particular segment of the society and remained antagonised against the BJP during the polls.

Why were the bulldozers used now? If the action claimed to be against the unlawful activities and intrusions then what the district administration was doing before? How has the administration geared up in action mode ahead of the new government formation by the BJP in the state?

The bulldozers’ action was seen for the first time in Chhattisgarh apparently to remove illegal structures or illegal choupati, at bus stands, educational premises, near liquor and food outlets and other public places. Mostly those belonging to the minorities are likely to be badly hit with such sudden and unexpected bulldozer action.

The Raipur district administration placed a strict order to mandatorily close all shops and business establishments by 11 pm in Muslim-dominated Baijnathpara and Chhotapara besides other parts of the city. Earlier the outlets, eateries in these areas do good business till late night.

“The police forced us to shut down our restaurant (non-veg) by 10:30 pm. It seems the authorities are acting under the pressure of the newly elected BJP legislators in the capital,” claimed the owner not willing to be identified.

A senior BJP MLA and former minister Brijmohan Agrawal who won by a record margin from Raipur south constituency, warned that the ‘operation bulldozer’ has commenced in the capital and eventually will cover the entire state.

“After the change of guard in the state, the police and municipal corporation are in action. The criminals and offenders should either mend their ways or be ready to face consequences. Under the previous Congress government led by Bhupesh Baghel there was no restriction on anti-social activities,” the BJP MLA stated.

The action was also initiated near the National Institute of Technology, public garden to remove illegal encroachment by carts and street vendors that caused snarls.


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