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Burdwan Station Tragedy: Demands mount to pay compensation to victims

– Shabana Javed

Kolkata, Dec. 16: Among the three people who lost their lives in the tragic incident at Burdwan Railway station on Wednesday was Mafiza Khatun, a resident of Ward No. 2 of Katrapota area. She along with her husband and two daughters had come to see off her elder daughter, who was going to Delhi for higher education. She was standing under the station shed a little apart from her husband and daughters. The shed collapsed and fell on the head of the woman. She was rushed to hospital but succumbed to the injuries. However, the two girls and the father survived as they were standing at a little distance.

Mafiza Khatun was advising her daughter to eat and drink properly and not to get cold. Everyone was busy with family discussions. Meanwhile, a horrible picture appeared before their eyes. After the collapse of the station shed, there was such a rush that Abdul Mofiz Sheikh lost direction. He pushed through the crowd and got out with his two daughters. But didn’t find his wife.

The victim’s family members are demanding compensation for the loss. Indian Railways officials have sought the requisite documents from them for clearing the compensation. An FIR has been also registered by Abdul Mofiz Sheikh, the husband of Mafiza Khatun.

The Governor of West Bengal meeting the injured at Burdwan Hospital

Governor CV Anand Bose visited the hospital to meet the injured. He said that for the treatment and future of the daughter of deceased Mafiza Khatun, the Raj Bhavan will pay Rs.5000 a month. Earlier, a minister and the district magistrate met the families of the dead and gave Rs. two lakh each to the near ones of the dead and Rs.50,000 to the injured.

CITU (Centre of Trade Unions) submitted a memorandum to the government, demanding a job for one person and 10 lakh compensation to the families of those who died in the accident at the station on that fatal day. The CITU members also protested in front of Burdwan station under the leadership of District President Nazrul Islam.

SUCI [Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist)] also submitted a memorandum to Burdwan Station Manager. They claimed that the railway authority should take responsibility for the falling down of the 133-year-old water tank of Burdwan station, which is on the Amrit project list. They also demanded appropriate compensation for the dead and injured. Tasbirul Islam, district secretary of the organization, said, “The collapse of the car balcony at Burdwan station, the trampling of passengers on the overbridge, and then the breaking of the tank prove the negligence of passengers’ safety.”


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