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Chandrayaan-3: Triumph, Perseverance, and Limitless Exploration

In the realm of space exploration, India’s Chandrayaan missions shine as beacons of determination and technological achievement. Driven by curiosity and innovation, these missions have not only established India’s presence on the global stage but have also showcased the nation’s spirit of exploration and collaboration. In this column, we delve into the expertise of individuals who have been involved in this field.
Syed Ahmed Ali

Syed Mumtaz Mansoori, CEO of Rug-Rel Components & Rugged Systems Pvt. Ltd. & Former Field Application Engineer, German Company working in ISRO:

The golden words enshrined in Article 51A(h) of the Constitution of India, “It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to develop the scientific temper, humanism, and the spirit of inquiry and reform,” stand as driving forces propelling scientific curiosity and pursuit. Following the resounding success of Chandrayaan-1 and the partial achievement of Chandrayaan-2, it was the nation’s scientific temperament that kept its zeal unquenchable, its focus unwavering, and its journey unstoppable.

From the monumental triumph of Chandrayaan-1 in 2008 to the more modest achievement of Chandrayaan-2 in 2019, the latter bolstered by the former’s success, ISRO scientists drew encouragement from around the nation.

The period between Chandrayaan-2’s partial success in 2019 and Chandrayaan-3’s triumphant lunar landing in 2023 was one fraught with daunting challenges and rigorous demands. This arduous journey was necessitated by Chandrayaan-2’s falling short of its intended objectives in 2019. However, ISRO’s resolve remained unshaken. The country did not concede defeat; instead, it adopted an even more assertive stance, crafting a meticulous strategy and embracing the Failure-based Design Approach. This approach involves pre-emptively identifying potential failure points, simulating corresponding scenarios, and subjecting devices to comprehensive testing against all conceivable threats. It’s a more reliable and technically firm approach than a success-based design move.

It’s intriguing to note that Chandrayaan-3 is not just limited to the arrival and flagging on the moon. If the Mars Lander of India was the Foreword, Chandrayaan-3 is considered the preface for the Radio Astronomy and Space Mission (Gaganyaan) of the country. Beyond its potential for yielding valuable precious metals and dense energy reservoirs, the moon assumes a grander role as a future mining repository, refuelling hub, and a gateway connecting Earth to uncharted cosmic realms. A thorough understanding of the moon’s surface, chemical compositions, topographical attributes of near and far sides, plasma ions, and electrons at the surface, and thermal properties are anticipated to unveil lucrative prospects for the future economy, power, and supremacy.

The triumphant launch of Chandrayaan-3 at the moon’s southern pole serves as a resounding inspiration for the nation’s burgeoning young minds, encouraging them to chart pathways toward careers that tangibly contribute to India’s prowess in space technology. This attitude builds upon the mindset of the young generation to collaborate across borders, gaining essential know-how from global streams of knowledge and technology.

Chandrayaan-3’s mission serves as a clarion call, affirming that with unflagging dedication, persistent diligence, and an unyielding spirit, both individuals and nations can accomplish astonishing feats that resonate within the worldwide scientific community. Our youth and students must dream big, embrace learning, persist in the face of adversity, collaborate enthusiastically, and leave an indelible mark in their chosen fields. This is the enduring lesson of the Chandrayaan-3 Mission.

Khan Ukkasha Farqaleet, Former project lead at NRSC, ISRO BTech CS IITH, Research IITD:

The triumph of Chandrayaan-3 would mark an extraordinary achievement for India’s space endeavours, enhancing the nation’s global stature. Beyond its technological feats, this mission will boost the morale of Indian scientists and catalyse a transformative era for scientific research and development. Reflecting on Chandrayaan-3, I am truly and immensely inspired by the consistency of human ambition and the power of hope to make anything possible. This mission shows us that India has all the potential to lead the world in terms of science and technology.

Chandrayaan-3 conveys a resounding message: Science and exploration know no limits. Now it’s on you to embrace curiosity, pursue your passions, and foster a spirit of scientific temper and inquiry – as these are also fundamental duties of an Indian citizen as per the Constitution.

This gives us a message to never give up and push the boundaries of our potentials to another limit. Aspire to be the scientists, engineers, and thinkers who shape the future, not just for India but for the world. Seize the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and innovate, for the path to discovery is illuminated by those who dare to dream and strive to achieve.

Sajid Hussain, Adjunct professor – BIT Sindri Dhanbad & Former researcher – National Aerospace Laboratories Bangalore:

India’s Chandrayaan mission represents a critical stride in space exploration, and the triumph of Chandrayaan-3 is poised to unveil new horizons for deep space exploration in the days ahead. The Chandrayaan mission stands as a remarkable example in our lives, underscoring the notion that success emerges from unwavering perseverance. Following the unsuccessful attempts of the initial two missions, the third endeavour, marked by improvements and successful testing, reached the moon’s destination. This very fact serves to substantiate that failure is merely a stepping stone on the path to success.

The Chandrayaan mission serves as a truly exemplary lesson in achieving success. After encountering setbacks during the initial two missions, the third attempt witnessed improvements and successful testing. Failure, as demonstrated by this journey, is an integral part of the process toward eventual success.


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