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Choosing Career at the opportune time is necessary: Faizy Rahman

Lucknow, Dec. 28: Centre for Training and Academic Guidance (CTAG), an association of Human Welfare Foundation, organized a training program at Sunni Inter College for its students studying in its high school and intermediate classes here Wednesday.

Mr. Faizy Rahman, the in-charge of CTAG in New Delhi, informed the participants about the education and employment opportunities available after completing high school and intermediate. He said the right choice of career plays a very important role in the life of a student. He further said the student who makes a wise choice of career at the right time and makes a comprehensive plan for his study and prepares accordingly in fact fares well in career-making examinations.

Mr. Faizy lamented that owing to the non-availability of proper career guidance in colleges talented and meritorious students develop indifference to education and break their studies; this is a matter of grave concern for those who care for the creation of a better society. To properly guide talented students to achieve great heights is necessary for the development of society.

On this occasion, Career Counsellor Aas Muhammad also talked in detail about the career prospects after doing an intermediate in Arts, Science or Commerce. He told the participants that there are a number of options they can choose from; the need is to keep an eye on those options and make a choice at the opportune time.

The college administration welcomed the CTAG initiative and lent all support in conducting the program. The Principal and the Vice Principal as well as Muhammad Khalid, Muhammad Rafey, Noafel Mearaj, etc. were present in the program.


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