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Concerned Citizens Meet Palestinian Ambassador to Express Solidarity with Palestinians

New Delhi, October 12: A group of concerned citizens of Delhi, including student leaders, social and human rights activists, lawyer and Parliamentarians met the Palestinian Ambassador to India Adnan Abu Al Haija and senior officials to express solidarity of Indian people with the people of Palestine.

The meet was initiated by Nadeem Khan, Founder of India Palestine Friendship Forum. The delegation members regretted the loss of life of innocent people during the conflict. They demanded immediate end of Israeli occupation of Palestine, immediate ceasefire and a permanent solution to Palestine-Israel issue through diplomacy and dialogue.

Ambassador Abu Al Haija, through a presentation, gave details of the deaths so far and also briefed about the present situation there and how the people of Palestine are fighting and facing the hardship there. On historic note, the Ambassador also talked about the number of historic accord of the UN and many other agreements and treaties. Israel did not respect any of those accords and treaties, he regretted.

After the meet, Nadeem Khan, while talking to Radiance, said, “I also briefed the Ambassador through a presentation that from 2000 to 2020 the total number of deaths of the Palestinian people was more than one lakh. I presented the detail data of each year of the number of deaths. We told the Ambassador that we are here to express our solidarity with the people of Palestine. Indian people have always stood with the people of Palestine. It has been our history from Mahatma Gandhi till today and we will try to revive it.

“We have also decided that in coming days we will protest at all levels, using democratic means through social media platforms, programs and rallies. In its continuation today in the night there will be Twitter storm and Twitter space,” said Nadeem.

The delegation shared their concerns over the massacres happening in Gaza. While Israel and their cronies do not show restraint in their war crimes against Palestinian people, it is all the more despicable that media, public figures and many countries are flocking in to support the occupier state and join the information war against Palestine through their vicious narratives based on blatant lies and pure hatred.

Prashant Bhushan, Ravi Nair, Apoorvanand, Annie Raja, Mohammad Adeeb, Prashant Tandon,  Hannah Mollah, Nadeem Khan, N Sai Balaji, representatives of India Solidarity Forum for Palestine, National Federation of Trade, Student leaders of SFI, SIO and AISA and some others were also part of the delegation. SIO National President Ramees EK and National Secretary Abdullah Faiz, who were part of the delegation, also extended SIO of India’s solidarity to Palestinian people in their struggle against Israel’s atrocities.

Earlier, on May 15 this year on the eve of Nakba Day, a programme was organised by India Palestine Friendship Forum (IPFF) to express solidarity with the people of Palestine and to remember the atrocities committed by Israeli forces against Palestinians during the last 75 years. The occasion also marked Nakba Day, which was coined by Palestinians to remember the atrocities of Israelis on the Nakba Day.

Ambassadors from more than a dozen countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan, Bosnia, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and an envoy from the Arab League, attended the event, which was presided over by the Ambassador of Palestine. Many activists, thinkers, and politicians also attended the event to express their support for the Palestinian people. Most of the speakers recalled the policy of India towards the cause of Palestine and expressed concern over dramatic change in the policy of the present regime.


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