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Controversy Erupts as Rajasthan Judicial Services Exam Denies Entry to Hijab-Wearing Candidates

– Zaina Aman

24 Jun. 24: In a contentious incident at Pooja Public School in Jaipur’s Jhotwara, two young women, Sadia Ishaq from Jammu and another from Uttar Pradesh, were allegedly barred from taking the Rajasthan Judicial Services Examination 2024 due to wearing hijabs. Sadia, 25, expressed deep disappointment, questioning the fairness of the decision. “Has our hijab no value? Would they treat a Sikh wearing a turban the same way?” she lamented.

According to Sadia, she and her fellow candidate were singled out during the screening process while others were allowed through without issue. Despite efforts to reason with examination staff, including presenting guidelines that did not explicitly prohibit hijabs, they were instructed to remove them to enter the exam hall.

The guidelines shared via a student Telegram group mentioned restrictions on items like scarves and hats but did not specifically mention the hijab. “I didn’t think it would apply to the hijab,” Sadia remarked, expressing frustration that her application for permission to wear the hijab was disregarded.

The incident has sparked debate over religious freedoms and the interpretation of exam rules. Sadia, who had dedicated significant time preparing for the exam, felt her rights were overlooked. Her account of the ordeal highlights ongoing challenges faced by individuals regarding religious attire in educational and professional settings.

Efforts to reach exam officials for comment were unsuccessful at the time of reporting.


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