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Credibility of elections in Egypt questioned

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt won elections to come to power. It created country’s first democracy, after the military regime was overthrown by the people in the glorious January revolution, the regime which had ruled Egypt for decades. The Brotherhood won in fair and transparent elections with the testimony of the world. But this did not please the enemies of democracy in the region. Regional and foreign countries contributed to overthrowing of legitimate (elected government) in Egypt.

The armed forces dispersed the Rabia Al-Adawiya sit-in by use of force, which led to the killing of hundreds of protesters who wanted restoration of the legitimate rule in the country and returning of the army to its barracks. The arrest of the late legitimate president (Mohammad) Morsi, who was elected by the people, and his imprisonment by the coup plotters is conclusive evidence that regional and foreign powers wanted to bring the defunct military regime back to power.

This is because a democratic rule will not protect the interests of foreign powers in the country, in addition to the fear of the countries of the area of the spread of the contagion of democracy throughout the region because the people have become fed up with the tyranny, corruption and oppression.

The so-called Egyptian “political parties” are loyal to the ruling regime and have no intention of competing with the current president in the “elections” to be held soon. This will be only a formality. It will not be fair, transparent, and credible.
[by Ali Amou in Elaph]
Compiled and Translated by Faizul Haque


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