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Delhi Man with Criminal History Arrested for Alleged Murder of Live-in Partner

New Delhi, April 10: In a shocking turn of events, Vipul Tailor, apprehended by Delhi Police on Monday for the alleged murder of his live-in partner, Rukhsar alias Riya, has been revealed to have a significant criminal background, with at least 10 active cases against him, as disclosed by police authorities on Tuesday, reports The Hindu.

According to the police, says the report, Vipul Tailor’s criminal record includes charges of attempted murder, violations of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, and the Arms Act. The discovery of his extensive criminal past was made during interrogations following his arrest.

Investigations have further unearthed that Vipul Tailor, associated with the notorious Gogi Gang, orchestrated a knife attack on an individual while incarcerated for a narcotics offense. He subsequently evaded jail time by absconding during parole, eventually being declared a proclaimed offender by authorities, as shared by DCP (Dwarka) Ankit Singh.

The grim saga unfolded when the victim’s family raised alarm upon losing contact with Riya. The police swiftly responded, leading to the discovery of Riya’s lifeless body stuffed inside a large wardrobe at their residence in south-west Delhi’s Dabri area. The scene bore signs of struggle, with Riya’s body positioned in a sitting posture, indicating she may have been strangled.

Adding to the complexity of the case, Vipul Tailor had been evading authorities since April 3, the suspected day of the crime, captured by CCTV footage leaving his residence at 9 p.m. in his vehicle. A 48-hour pursuit spanning multiple locations, including Sohana and Udaipur in Rajasthan, culminated in his arrest after he was intercepted following an accident and transported in an ambulance.

Further revelations from police inquiries indicate a troubled relationship between the accused and the victim. Riya, who hailed from Surat and had a previous marriage, met Vipul Tailor at a spa center in Surat in 2017. Subsequently, they relocated to a residence in Rajapuri, Dabri, while Riya’s young daughter stayed with her grandfather.

Tensions escalated within the relationship, compounded by financial strains. Vipul Tailor, under pressure to provide additional funds for a new apartment and facing demands for marriage, allegedly resorted to drastic measures, deciding to eliminate Riya.

DCP Singh shed light on the events leading to Riya’s demise, citing a quarrel exacerbated by Riya’s state of inebriation as the trigger for the fatal altercation.

The arrest of Vipul Tailor underscores the importance of diligent investigative efforts and swift action by law enforcement to bring justice to victims of violent crime. This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the complexities that can arise within domestic relationships, highlighting the need for vigilance and support mechanisms to prevent such harrowing outcomes in society.


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