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‘Do not make us complicit in genocide,’ Spanish minister tells EU

Ione Belarra calls for cutting ties with Israel, imposing sanctions and trying Netanyahu at Int’l Criminal Court for alleged war crimes in Gaza

October 29: Spain’s acting Social Rights Minister Ione Belarra on Saturday issued a passionate appeal to the EU countries, calling on them to respond to the recent escalation of attacks by Israel in the northern region of Gaza and other areas.

“After this hellish night in Gaza, I have a very simple but very important message for European leaders. Do not make us complicit in genocide. Act. Not in our name,” she said in a video message on X.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Belarra emphasized that Israel had cut off all communication channels in the Gaza Strip, alleging that this was a deliberate attempt to cover up the atrocities being committed.

She further underscored that many Europeans are growing increasingly concerned about the situation and are asking: “Is no one going to do anything about what’s happening in Gaza?”

Belarra put forward several concrete measures that she believes the European nations should take.

She called for cutting diplomatic ties with Israel, imposing economic sanctions as a deterrent against those responsible for the ongoing violence, and advocating for the prosecution of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes against humanity.


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