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Dr. Amanulla honored at Mahakavi Bharathiyar Utsav

– Mohammed Atherulla Shariff

Dec. 14: In recognition of his contributions to the promotion of Urdu language, Madras University Urdu professor Dr. Amanulla was honoured at the Mahakavi Bharathiyar Utsav by the Governor of Tamil Nadu RN Ravi at Raj Bhavan in Chennai.

Freedom fighter and great Tamil poet Subramaniam Bharathi’s birth anniversary is celebrated as Indian linguistic day, Bharathiyar Bhasha Utsav on 11th Dec.

Prof. Dr. Amanulla has authored many books and his articles appeared in various papers and journals in India. His book on the Arabic seminaries and literary figures in Tamil Nadu, Teaching Urdu Poetry and Prose, Treasure of Wisdom, Regional impact on Urdu, Treasure of Life – all written in Urdu are famous.

Currently he is engaged in transforming various creations from Tamil to Urdu and Urdu to Tamil. His books and articles published in Tamil and English are also popular.

Dr. Amanulla has translated the collection of Tamil poet Shiv Shankar into Urdu. A collection of Urdu fictions was converted into Tamil and likewise Tamil stories were translated into Urdu by him. The masterpiece of Tamil classic ‘Thirukkuarl’ was also translated by him.

Dr. Amanulla has presented papers in seminars on topics like Urdu journalism in Tamil Nadu, Traditions of Mass literature in Urdu, Non-Fictional Urdu literature since 1960.

Great literary figures of Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Manipuri, Saurashtra, Assami, Bengali, Dogri, Nepali, Oria, and Sanskrit also attended the Utsav.


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