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Dr Eram Khan Performs Miraculous Delivery at Alshifa Hospital

Earlier Apollo and AIIMS Branded the Case as High Risk and Fatal


New Delhi, Nov. 30: Sometime timely action turns out to be a miracle for some and provide confidence for others. Yes, it became true when Dr Eram Khan of Alshifa Multispeciality Hospital performed a successful delivery even after it was diagnosed that the fetus will not be alive for more than three days. It was diagnosed at Apollo Hospital during growth scan that the baby had growth retardation, placenta was weak, and weight of the baby was only 623 gm., no amniotic fluid.

Dr Eram Khan, gynecologist at Alshifa Hospital, while sharing her experience and challenges, told Radiance,The case of Mrs. Noufal was very challenging because at a higher centre like Apollo she was diagnosed with anhydramnios (no fluid around baby) and severe growth retardation. She was told the baby would not survive for more than 3 days. Now, if centres like Apollo and AIIMS have branded a case as high risk and fatal, it became very challenging for me to accept it. She could not get immediate appointment at AIIMS and was asked to wait till the next day.”

“As a gynecologist, as a parent and as a human being I had to do this because I could not just wait for the baby to die. Taking the baby out too early would cause the baby’s death due to prematurity… taking the baby out too late could cause the baby’s death because my patient was not perceiving fetal movements and her biophysical profile was poor on ultrasound,” added Eram.

“As a surgeon one has to be confident working on a preterm uterus with a previous c-section which can bleed heavily (PPH), as a gynecologist one has to be prepared for an obstetric hysterectomy and as an obstetrician only a person damn confident with the difficult extraction of a baby 600 to 800 grams with delicate bones and vital organ, even the slightest mistake in taking the baby out of the uterus can cause lethal injuries or fractures or nerve palsies. And to take the decision, start the surgery and coordinate it with my NICU team, we had just 15 minutes. Team work is the key to such a quick decision. I was confident that Dr Farhatunnisa, our neonatologist will be able to handle the baby well. So we took a leap of faith and Alhamdulillah today we have baby Umar Ayzin 1.6 kg,” said Eram.

Noufal P.K, father of Umar Ayzin and CEO of Human Welfare Foundation, told Radiance, “Timely decision of Dr. Eram and her readiness to come at night to take up the case and her courageous action helped in saving the life of our child. The confidence shown by Dr Farhtunnisa to receive the baby and her 24-hour commitment helped him to struggle and survive. Medical Superintendent Dr Abdul Sathar Sait and his team made all arrangements on emergency basis. The baby was in NICU for 72 days, including 15 days on ventilator. He has gone through many health issues, as it normally happens to premature babies, like  jaundice, pneumonia, low HB, low platelets, low albumin, hernia, retinopathy, etc.”

Noufal added, “It was the first baby in the history of this hospital to improve from this much low birth weight of 810 gram. Therefore he was the Hero in NICU. Doctor and nurses gave him 24 hours “VIP treatment” throughout 72 days. He was discharged from hospital after 78 days with a weight of 1635 gm. This delivery will certainly give the Hospital the confidence to deal with such a situation in the future.”

“Sharnas Muthu was 7-month pregnant and was advised to be admitted in a hospital like All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) or Apollo where good neonatal facility is available. We got appointment in AIIMS for second day.  But the next day Sharnas didn’t feel any movement of baby and doubted about heartbeat. At night we went to nearby diagnostic centre and found that no fetal body movement, cardiac activities present but it was getting down. Then we informed consulting gynecologist Dr Eram Khan of Alshifa Hospital, she said she is ready to take baby out immediately. Alshifa Hospital didn’t experience birth of such a low weight baby in its history. So she said any pediatrician should be ready to receive the baby,” he added.

“Professional service, personal care and love of NICU staff were excellent that made us confident in depending on them to fulfill his needs. When we received his discharge file which included 95 blood test reports, 15 x-ray reports, 6 ultrasounds and so on then we realized how he became hero and how he was struggling to survive,” said Noufal.

“When he was connected with ventilator for second time, friends advised me to shift him to any other hospital. But guidance and advice of Alshifa Hospital Vice Chairman Dr. Mohammed Farooque sb helped us take a decision in that critical situation,” he said.

Both Noufal and Sharnas Muthu, while thanking all, said, “It is team work of Alshifa staff under the leadership of Medical Superintendent Dr. Abdul Sathar Sait made everything easy. We are thankful to staff and management of Alshifa Hospital for all support and cooperation they extended during these days.”

Dr Eram Khan has done MBBS, MS, Advanced Diploma in ART and Reproductive Medicine from UKSH, KEIL, Germany, and Obstetric critical care course, VMMC Safdarjung, Delhi.

She was awarded by Mr Satyendra Jain, then Health Minister of Delhi for exceptional surgeries during COVID Era. With residentship from AIIMS, APOLLO and North Delhi Medical College, Dr Eram is popularly known for excising 22 kg ovarian tumor. With multiple research papers and presentations, she is doing research work on Ovarian Tumors.


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