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Dr. Mohiuddin Ghazi emphasizes promoting research to overcome current intellectual crisis at JIH Delhi Seminar

– Anwarulhhaq Baig

New Delhi: In a seminar conducted by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Delhi’s Research Department, Dr. Mohiuddin Ghazi, JIH National Secretary has highlighted the importance of research work in addressing the current intellectual challenges.

Speaking as the keynote speaker at the seminar titled “Present Intellectual Crisis and Foundations of Islamic Concept of Life”, Dr. Ghazi underlined the flood of information, ranging from local news to national and international updates, along with rumors, fake news, and misinformation that reach us every day.

Noting that such fake news and misinformation not only mislead us but also become a major cause of mischief in society, he stressed that it is our collective responsibility to safeguard the society from it.  To combat misinformation and fake news, he encouraged participants to cultivate a culture of research within their society.

Elaborating that JIH is an ideological movement and its aim is not merely to bring about reforms in individual lives or in society, as many other organizations and groups are already engaged in such activities, Dr. Ghazi clarified that its primary objective is to transform people’s entire thoughts and worldview.

“Only the people who adopt the correct concept of life tread on the right path,” he added.

JIH Delhi Secretary for Research Asif Iqbal presenting inaugural speech at the seminar

In his opening speech, Mohammad Asif Iqbal, JIH Delhi’s Secretary for Research, while explaining the Arabic word ‘Tahqeeq,’ stated, “The true essence of research emerges as the outcome of distinguishing truth from falsehood through the stages of knowledge, research, criticism, application, classification, and implementation.”

In his inaugural address, JIH Delhi President Salimullah Khan emphasized the importance of intellectual discourse in addressing contemporary challenges.

Prominent scholars and researchers presented thought-provoking papers, covering several aspects the subject.

In his paper titled “The Current Intellectual Crisis – An Overview,” Dr. Anis Farooqui gave a comprehensive analysis of the challenges facing the community in the present era.

Dr. Rizwan Ahmed Rafiqi, in his paper on “Contemporary Social Changes and Ideological Thought,” shed light on the imperative need to address challenges in contemporary Islamic thought, both at the national and international levels.

Presenting an article on “Family Issues, Resolution of Conflicts, and Islam,” Mr Umair Koti Nadvi explored efforts that can be made at the individual level to resolve family conflicts.

In her article, “Resolution of National and International Issues and Islam,” Mrs. Uzma Ausaf addressed various national and international challenges and discussed the potential role of Islam in providing guidance to address them.

Proposing vote of thanks to all participants and guests, JIH Delhi assistant secretary of the research department, Muhammad Maaz, said that the seminar provided a platform for scholars and researchers to engage in meaningful discussions and contribute to the ongoing intellectual development of society.


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