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Farah Malik Bhanji: India’s Wealthiest Muslim Woman, Spearheading Metro Brands

19 Apr. 24

In the realm of business success, Farah Malik Bhanji stands out as India’s wealthiest Muslim woman, overseeing Metro Brands Limited, a footwear empire valued at over Rs. 28,773 crore. Her leadership has propelled the company, renowned for its premium shoe brands like Metro, Mochi, and Walkway, into a new era of modern retail.

Farah, daughter of billionaire Rafique Malik who chairs the company, traces her family’s entrepreneurial roots back to her grandfather, Malik Tejani, who founded the enterprise in Mumbai in 1955. Under her guidance, Metro Shoes has undergone a transformation, redefining its identity and expanding its market share.

Her significant contributions to the company’s growth are reflected in Metro Brands Limited’s market capitalization, which stood at Rs. 35,117 crore as of December 8. Farah’s expertise spans over two decades in the footwear industry, initially starting in marketing before leading initiatives to modernize the company’s technology and supply chain.

Notably, Metro Brands Limited went public in December 2021, attracting investment interest from notable figures like Rekha Jhunjhunwala, wife of the late billionaire investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, who holds a minority stake in the company.

Farah’s strategic vision has nurtured partnerships with global footwear giants like Skechers, Crocs, and Clarks, alongside fostering relationships with over 250 trusted vendors. Under her stewardship, the company has expanded exponentially, growing from 100 stores in 2010 to an impressive 598 locations spanning 136 cities across India.

Beyond her business acumen, Farah Malik Bhanji is recognized for her meticulous attention to detail, keen business sense, and discerning style, attributes that have fueled Metro Brands Limited’s success and contributed to the prosperity of its workforce.


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