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FMM questions PM’s silence, Maulana Sajjad Nomani thanks BJP-RSS over hate speech in Parliament

– Radiance News Service

Mumbai, 25 Sep: The hate speech given by BJP MP Ramesh Bhiduri using filthy and offensive language against BSP MP Danish Ali continues to draw the ire of Muslim leadership.

In a statement issued Saturday, Maulana Dr. Muhammad Mahmood Daryabadi, in-charge of the Federation of Maharashtra Muslims (FMM), said, “Many people, including journalists and politicians, are expressing their disappointment and predicting that no action will be taken against Bhiduri despite using such filthy language. On the contrary, his stature in the BJP will rise. This is quite disappointing and it is not good for the country and its dignity. This kind of action sullies the image of the country abroad.

“The Prime Minister’s silence on all these issues is surprising, his silence is sending a wrong message. The Prime Minister should break his silence that this matter is connected with the dignity of the Parliament, the country, and the people of India.”

Federation Co-ordinators Abdul Mujeeb Shaikh and Shakir Shaikh said in a joint press release, “The situation is so dire that now even the Parliament and Legislative Assemblies are not safe for Muslims. Bhiduri has not only abused Danish Ali but also insulted the country’s secular structure and constitution.

Bhiduri’s action is utterly condemnable and despicable. We demand that Speaker Om Birla should immediately revoke the parliamentary membership of Bhiduri, register a criminal case against him and put him in jail.

“The Federation is also concerned that the Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati did not take any grave notice of the incident and discharged a formality by condemning the incident through a tweet. FMM appeals to all the political parties to come out strongly against this incident and pressure the government to adopt civility and decency.”

Renowned Islamic scholar and a prominent voice of the community, Maulana Khalil-ur-Rahman Sajjad Nomani has thanked the BJP-RSS for Bhiduri’s tirade against Danish Ali. In a video message over the issue, Maulana said, “I thank the BJP high command, RSS leadership and MP Shri Ramesh Bhiduriji. By making Ramesh Bhiduri a Lok Sabha MP from the capital city of India, the BJP-RSS has revealed its choice and the training they receive. I thank Ramesh Bhiduriji as you have pulled off all the masks and shown the country – who you people are, how well you are trained, and what lovely language you speak. How highly you regard human rights. How much do you value Parliament, which you call the temple of democracy? I cannot imagine such filthy and vulgar language being spoken in a place called “mandir”. However, I thank you as now the entire country knows the teaching, education, and training provided by RSS. It was very sad to see senior BJP Parliamentarians laughing merrily at Bhiduri’s speech. This filthy language was used on the streets against Muslims all over the country followed by violence. Now you have given it a Parliamentary license.”


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