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Gaza Health Ministry debunks Israeli Claims on hospitals used as military facility

By A Correspondent

New Delhi, Nov. 15, 2023
In response to Israel’s allegations that Hamas fighters are using Gaza’s kids hospital for military command, the Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that it is a blatant lie spread by the occupation army.

“Hamas hides in hospitals. Today, we will expose this to the world,” IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said during a nightly press conference.

Speaking in English, Hagari presented “evidence” showing Hamas weapons being stored underneath Rantisi Children’s Hospital in Gaza, as well as rooms seemingly used to hold hostages.

Debunking all the claims of Israel, the health ministry of Gaza said the Israeli occupation’s presentation about Rantisi Children’s Hospital is a “theatrical farce” with no credible evidence worthy of response.

In a press statement, the ministry underlines following points:

  • Labeling the presence of baby diapers (Pampers) in a children’s hospital, with displaced people, as exceptional evidence is a mockery of people’s intellect worldwide.
  • The body language of the Israeli military spokesperson discussing the hospital unmistakably confirms its staged nature, inviting those versed in body language to debunk it.
  • The mentioned underground space in the video, part of the hospital’s design, serves as administration and storage, offering shelter to refugees fleeing airstrikes, necessitating the provision of sanitary facilities, a humane requirement in all hospitals accommodating evacuees.
  • The hospital evacuation occurred under tank barrels and occupation rifles; why were none of the alleged resistors or detainees arrested?
  • The claimed “tunnel” outside the hospital raises questions about its relevance to the hospital. Recalling the occupation’s mention of a vent in Hamad Hospital as part of an alleged tunnel, later refuted by the hospital’s designer, who clarified it was a fuel tank vent.
  • The occupation presented alleged weapons of unknown origin in an organized manner, reinforcing the notion of a staged act. It is implausible for presumed resistance members to handle weapons in such a manner during harsh war conditions.
  • The displayed schedule in the occupation’s video is a routine work roster in the hospital, a standard administrative practice in all healthcare institutions.
  • The occupation claims that the motorcycle resembles those used on October 7th. Is this evidence when we know there are thousands of similar motorcycles in Gaza?
  • Rantisi Hospital specializes in treating children with cancer, kidney, respiratory, and other diseases, lacking the capability for any surgical procedures, regardless of simplicity.
  • If this is a justification for the occupation to bomb Rantisi Hospital, what is his rationale for bombing and disabling more than 25 hospitals in Northern Gaza with no evidence supporting his claims?
  • The enemy targeted Baptist hospital in Gaza, killing over 500 displaced and sick individuals. What is the justification for targeting a church hospital?
  • For over two weeks, the enemy has besieged and fired upon the Jerusalem Hospital, affiliated with the Palestinian Red Crescent, the twin organization to the International Red Cross, resulting in the killing and injuring of numerous innocent displaced citizens.
  • In recent days, the enemy has besieged and targeted the Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital without providing any reasons.
  • We challenge the Israeli occupation to allow a neutral committee to visit all hospitals and verify their absence of any military or security activities. Why does it refuse?
  • We know the enemy’s main goal is to pressure the population and medical teams to leave North Gaza for the South, where death awaits them either through daily airstrikes or hunger and thirst.
  • In conclusion, even if there were any security or military reasons as claimed, is it acceptable under international humanitarian law to destroy hospitals and burn them with patients, medical staff, and displaced individuals inside, based on the possibility of a security objective?

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