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GIO Kerala organizes ‘Discurso Muslima’ – A Two-Day Campus Conference Upholding Iman and Uplifting Izzah

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Dec. 29: The two-day campus conference, ‘Discurso Muslima,’ titled “Uphold Iman, Uplift Izzah,” unfolded at the Arts and Science College, Pathiripala Mount Seena, on Monday and Tuesday. Eighty-six eminent individuals graced the event, participating in over 23 insightful sessions across nine venues within the charming enclave known as ‘Al Aqsa Square.’ GIO Kerala cadre sought to illuminate their talents, imagination, skills, age, and energy in a creatively expressive way.

The conference featured 7+ stages, 55+ guests, 23+ sessions, and 2000+ delegates with spiritual sessions, academic sessions, expert talks, meet the scholars, panel discussions, academic & career meets, solidarity gathering, documentary screening, music concerts, and a bookfair. Notable personalities like T. Arifali, Dr. Taha Mateen, Samar Ali, C Dawood, Nishad Rawthar, Afreen Fathima, Sharjeel Usmani, Rania Sulaikha, Nida Parveen, Dana Raziq, Sameer Binsi, Imam Majboor, M. Taha, KT Hussain, Shamseer Ibrahim, Ghazala Ahmed, KM Shefrin, VA Faiza, CT. Suhaib, TK Muhammad Saeed, Shihab Pookotoor, P Ruksana, PTP Sajitha, and others delivered speeches.

Speaking to Radiance GIO Kerala President Adv. Thamanna Sulthana said the inaugural session started with the opening remarks of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind General Secretary, T. Arifali. In an era where embracing Islam poses a formidable challenge, Muslim girls bear multifaceted responsibilities and wield the potential to exert a significant influence on society. Mr. Arifali emphasized that the resilient fighters from Gaza, courageously battling Zionist terrorists, serve as an enduring source of inspiration in India’s profound struggle for existence.

Venues were named after Palestinian themes in solidarity with Gaza fighters. Each stage, adorned with names like Handala and Intifada. The sculptures echoed the dreams of Quds soldiers and marginalized Indians. “Handala,” a symbol of Palestinian resistance, represents resilience against the occupation, staying ten years old until the invasion’s end. Created by cartoonist Naji Al Ali, Handala stands barefoot, hands behind the back, embodying unwavering determination and protest.

The two days of the ‘Discurso Muslimah’ conference witnessed unforgettable moments and diverse experiences. Emphasizing GIO’s solidarity with those unjustly marginalized, they rose as survivors of severe injustice and representatives of families during the session titled “Resilient Voices: Tales of Resistance.”

In the session titled “Upholding Identity: Muslimah’s Triumphs & Trials in Campus Politics,” frontline fighters and student leaders of the CAA-NRC agitation, Afreen Fathima, Samar Ali, and Rania Sulaikha, along with Nida Parveen, Noora Maisoon, and Ridha Islam from Maharajas Ernakulam, shared their perspectives.

Students from various disciplines, including medical, engineering, law, arts, science, media, and commerce, gathered to meet with eminent intellects, providing a platform for sharing educational thoughts rooted in Islamic scriptures and moral values. Discussions delved into navigating the critical stage of making important decisions between adolescence and youth, addressing concerns about balancing married life and one’s profession. Additionally, there were discourses on the Holy Qur’an, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the rituals and practices of a Muslim, being caliphs of Allah on earth. Addressing the medical students, Dr. Taha Mateen, Dr. Abdurrahman Dani, Dr. Shakira Pasha, Dr. Shajeela, and Dr. Hisham Haider shared their insights.

JIH Shura Member and MD of Acura Hospital in Bangalore, Dr. Taha Mateen, addressed the concerns of medical students regarding the balance between married life and studies. He provided practical insights by introducing his wife, seated in the front row of the stage. A mother of seven children, she successfully manages both family responsibilities and a distinguished career as a doctor.

JIH Kerala Ameer, P. Mujeeburahman inaugurated the concluding ceremony. He underscored that Islamic scriptures and history strongly advocate for gender justice. Despite Muslim girls pursuing higher education and leading significant movements, they face unfair portrayals. He urged the new generation to resist religious conservatism and challenge the detrimental aspects of the marriage culture. Dr. Taha Mateen highlighted the inspirational struggle of Palestine in the face of fascist challenges in India. Ruksana P, a state council member of JIH Kerala, delved into the re-readings of the new-age woman. The event also featured impactful speeches from various leaders, including Nawaf Pathiripala, Anees Thiruvizham, Shifana Edayur, and Hanan P. Nazeer.

Kerala Ameer P. Mujeeburrahman highlighted the struggles and triumphs of Muslim women, emphasizing their right to a complete and secure life. Key discussions centered on the challenges faced by Muslim women, dismantling stereotypes, and the need for comprehensive protection against discrimination. The conference also shed light on the significant contribution of Muslim women in various fields and their leadership in social movements.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Taha Mateen stressed the importance of continuous support and empowerment for these women to flourish in society. He also commended the Palestinians who are fighting independently for their existence and rights, serving as good role models for Indians fighting against fascism and Islamophobia in India.

This conference marked a significant step toward recognizing and fostering the potential of Muslim women in Kerala.

GIO Kerala President Adv. Sulthana presided over the conference, with General Secretary Suhana Abdul Latheef leading, Secretary Lulu Marjan as ‘Discurso Muslimah’ Director, Secretary Shifana K serving as the General Convenor, and Afra Shihab as the Program Convenor. Others who led the conference were state Vice Presidents Ashikha Shirin and Nafeesa Thanuja, state secretaries Ayisha Gafoor, Shafna OV, state council members Fathima Noureen, Mubashira M, Nour Hameed, Husna Nasrin, Shamna Madathil, Safa Leen, Safeeda, Nishath, and Jalwa Mehar.


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