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Health Connect Delhi Hosts Webinar on Mental Health Prevention and Programming

Delhi, May 18: Health Connect Delhi conducted an online healthcare webinar focused on “Mental Health: Prevention and Programming” on Saturday. The event was hosted via Zoom, featuring Dr. Naseem Akhtar Qureshi, an esteemed psychiatrist with an MBBS and MD in Psychiatry.

The webinar aimed to address crucial aspects of mental health, emphasizing preventive measures and effective programming to foster mental well-being. Dr. Qureshi shared insights on various strategies to maintain mental health and prevent mental illnesses.

In his presentation, Dr. Qureshi highlighted the importance of early detection and intervention in mental health issues. He stressed that awareness and education about mental health can significantly reduce the stigma and encourage individuals to seek help promptly.

Dr. Qureshi discussed the following key points on prevention and programming:

  1. Early Detection: Identifying symptoms of mental health issues early can lead to more effective treatment and better outcomes.
  2. Public Awareness Campaigns: Implementing educational programs in schools, workplaces, and communities to raise awareness about mental health.
  3. Accessible Resources: Ensuring that mental health services are easily accessible to everyone, including remote and underprivileged areas.
  4. Stress Management: Teaching stress management techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, and regular physical activity.
  5. Support Systems: Building strong support networks within families and communities to provide emotional and psychological support.
  6. Professional Help: Encouraging individuals to seek professional help when needed and reducing the barriers to accessing mental healthcare.

The webinar concluded with a Q&A session, where participants had the opportunity to engage with Dr. Qureshi, asking questions and sharing their concerns. The event was well-received, with attendees praising the insightful and practical advice provided by Dr. Qureshi.

Health Connect Delhi continues to offer resources and support for mental health through their website, www.healthconnectdelhi.com, and can be contacted at +91965-0800-934 for further information and assistance.


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