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HIJABI ENTREPRENEURS – Exhibition manned by Girls

The Girls Islamic Organisation of India, Gulbarga unit conducted for the first time a sale-cum-exhibition “Hijabi Entrepreneurs” on 17th Sept.

– Quratul Ain Afra

What was considered a taboo until recently in the Muslim society in conventional areas like Kalburgi (Gulbarga) is now acclaimed as entrepreneurship, especially when it comes to educated young girls.

Zakir Hussain, city president JIH Gulbarga addressing the audience

The Girls Islamic Organisation of India, Gulbarga unit conducted for the first time a sale-cum-exhibition “Hijabi Entrepreneurs” on 17th Sept.

“Even though it is just soaps and herbs, I can find my time more productive and revenue yielding and I think I can finally go beyond my life as a housewife,” said Roohi, a participant of the event held at Hidayat Centre.

The exhibition had 27 stalls, all previously-booked, displaying products ranging from clothes, burqas, handmade accessories, food – and even mehndi and Hijama services were offered. Thousands of visitors – girls, women, and children participated and enjoyed the daylong event.

Syeda Noushaba Sultana, member National Federation of GIO Karnataka addressing on Connect to Allah, Control Your Nafs, and Change Your Life

Obviously the event commenced with recitation of the Qur’ān, followed by a brief talk by Zakir Hussain, city president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind also the patron of the organisers. Syeda Noushaba Sultana, member of national federation of GIO Karnataka, spoke on “Connect to Allah, Control your Nafs, and change your life” which was the catchline for the GIO statewide campaign 2023 and this event was a part of it.

The objective of the “HIJABI ENTREPRENEURS” exhibition was explained by Asra Nishat, the city president of GIO, as to boost the entrepreneurial skills among young women, encourage young talents and ultimately expose the endless possibilities in store for them, despite their hijab.

The distinctive feature was creativity – self-made items of calligraphy and accessories presented on decorated counters which received huge attention. Of course, eateries and ‘play-and-win’ stalls were an attraction among the children.

young enthusiasts waiting for the inauguration of the exhibition

The young enthusiasts trying their hand at business for the first time was highly admired. Several older housewives also took part to take their household and online business to the next level. The prices were reasonable, the products suitable to the customers, and competition among stallers was equally beneficial.

Another important goal of the event i.e., to promote entrepreneurship among young girls and household women in religious ambience was subtly achieved, feel organisers. The commercial aspect of the event was disclosed by the city president Nishat that the stallers parted a small portion of their profit to Organisation and a bookstall exhibited by GIO also earned handsome amount to the Organisation. Of course, it is incomparable to the efforts put in by the girls. They had visited 40 educational institutions to disseminate the message of the campaign and distributed flyers before all the mosques of the city, she narrated.

[The writer is Pre-university, II year, student from Gulbarga]


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