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How Differently Can We Observe Milad-un-Nabi ﷺ

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ: A Universal Figure of Compassion and Humanity

– Syed Ahmed Ali

Muhammad Ilyas Falahi

Muhammad Ilyas Falahi, President, JIH Maharashtra and Member, All India Muslim Personal Law Board:
In the month of Rabi Al-Awwal, we commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, a beacon of hope and guidance for humanity. Beyond the confines of Islam, his message holds profound significance for people of all backgrounds. This occasion serves as an opportunity to bridge the understanding between diverse communities and appreciate the universal impact of Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ teachings.

In the spirit of this blessed day, Muslims must open their hearts and homes to non-Muslim friends and neighbors, fostering a sense of unity and understanding. This gesture mirrors the Prophet’s call for compassion and communal harmony.

In today’s digital age, a practical way to observe Milad could be for Muslims to utilize multimedia platforms to convey the essence of Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ teachings. Short video clips and quotes should be shared widely, offering glimpses into his exemplary life and the principles he advocated. Indeed, the Prophet’s life was dedicated to serving humanity and promoting love, peace, and equality.

When reflecting on the world before the time of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, we must make people aware of a world marred by injustice, inequality, and tribal conflicts. His arrival marked a bloodless revolution, transforming society through his teachings of mercy and compassion. His actions were revolutionary, emphasizing diplomacy and understanding over violence. This message should be the primary one we share across the world.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, mercy for humanity is evident in the Ahadith, which emphasize kindness, empathy, and love. These timeless teachings transcend cultural and religious boundaries, resonating with people of different beliefs. Small messages from his life in the form of posts can be shared on social media platforms.

We must remember that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ isn’t confined to a specific faith; he is a universal messenger of compassion and goodwill. The best and most practical way to commemorate his birthday is by raising awareness about the timeless principles he instilled, urging us all to embrace love, understanding, and service for the greater good of humanity.


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