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Ideal Youth Movement Launches Anti-Drug Campaign in Andhra Pradesh

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Amaravati, Jan. 2: Ideal Youth Movement (IYM) Andhra Pradesh launched a statewide Anti-Drug campaign in various districts across the state on Monday.

During the launch event at the Visakhapatnam Press Club, leaders addressed a press conference. The leaders present included Kalimullah Khan, IYM State President, IYM Vizag City President Feroz, and JIH Vizag City President Baji Baba.

The same day they initiated the campaign in 30 districts, including Rajmundry, Kakinada, Vijayawada, Ananthapur, Eluru, Marakapur, and others.

Kalimullah Khan, IYM State President, in delivered a message during the inauguration. “Marali Radu Ee Jeevitam,” which means ‘You won’t get this life again’, read an anti-drug wallpaper at the Visakhapatnam Press Club. Mr. Khan stressed the irreplaceable nature of life and cautioned the youth against falling into the grip of destructive habits like drugs, alcohol, pornography, and gambling.

Sharing disconcerting statistics, Mr. Khan revealed that in 2021, 8,067 suicides were directly linked to drug abuse and alcohol addiction. Notably, Andhra Pradesh ranked sixth nationally in this alarming trend. Drawing attention to the social consequences, he highlighted that 70-85% of crimes against women in the country are attributed to alcohol consumption.

Furthermore, Mr. Khan underscored the severe impact of drug use on the youth, citing a staggering 3 Crore 56 Lakhs affected. He pointed out that this issue significantly contributes to the escalating crime rates. He also highlighted that in 2020, 94 lives were lost in the state due to accidents involving driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Expanding the lens to public health, Mr. Khan noted that 20 lakh people succumb to lung diseases annually, with one in every 25 deaths linked to alcohol consumption. This stark reality emphasizes the pressing need for a concerted effort to address these challenges.

One program was organized at Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa, in which professors and students took part in the session and took an oath against drugs, extending support to IYM for such a noble cause in fighting the evil.

The anti-drug movement, set to unfold across the state until January 7, aims to tackle these issues head on. State Secretary Imran Hussain has called for comprehensive awareness programs in collaboration with police officers and sub-collectors across various locations in the state. The movement endeavors to cultivate a healthier, drug-free society, recognizing the pivotal role of collective action in bringing about positive change.


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