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‘If that isn’t terrorism, what else is?’

Nov. 13, 2023
In a viral video, an unknown Israeli person, who cites a book by his sister Judith, reveals the truth of Israel’s administration in the occupied territory, including Gaza and the West Bank. A summary of his averment is presented here:

Israel governs this one state very skillfully with different sets of laws. The laws that control Israeli Jews, who are practically free to come and go and say anything they want, basically render the state a democratic one.

And then there are laws that are specifically for the Palestinians who are citizens of Israel. There are over thirty laws in the lawbooks that particularly target them for discrimination. They are the victim of an entire culture of discrimination, that is deep seated and deep rooted in the Israeli society.

Then there are the laws that control Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, which are essentially determined by the Israeli army. If they want to destroy, they destroy; if they want to arrest and beat, they arrest and beat; if they want to torture, they torture; if they want to kill, they kill, and Palestinians have no recourse. This is the reality.

There is an education system, the Zionist education system, like Judith, my sister wrote a book about it (she is an educator) that teaches racism in a very subtle way. Under the pretense of security, a whole bureaucracy exists that is committed to making life difficult for Palestinians by imposing various limitations, permissions, and regulations that are wholly unnecessary and uncalled for.

And then there’s the Israeli army, which is perhaps one of the world’s best-fed, best-trained terrorist groups. Sure, they’ve got generals and attractive uniforms, but their primary objective is terrorism. For instance, almost exactly four years ago, Israel began its attacks on Gaza on September 27th 2008, which could be regarded as the most shameful day in Jewish history. On that day 11:25 in the morning, Israel began carpet-bombing Gaza, and on the first day of the planned 21-day operation, they dropped 100 tons of bombs. A city block can be completely destroyed by a single-ton bomb.

Gaza is one of the most densely populated places in the world. There are over 800,000 children living in Gaza. Since the morning and afternoon school shifts alternate at precisely 11:25, all of the children are out on the streets. The Israeli decision-makers opted to launch the attack at that precise moment. This marked the beginning of a 21-day massacre for which there was no justification whatsoever. If that isn’t terrorism then what else is? This is the strategy by which the state of Israel maintains control over its different populations.


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