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IIMC’s Denial of Iftar Permission Sparks Allegations of Discrimination

New Delhi, April 3: The Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) is embroiled in controversy as Muslim students decry what they perceive as religious discrimination following the institution’s refusal to grant permission for an Iftar party on campus.

The issue came to light when a group of students, both Muslim and non-Muslim, submitted a formal application seeking authorization for the Iftar party during the holy month of Ramadan. However, their request was summarily dismissed by the administration without any explanation offered, despite efforts to engage with the authorities.

This denial has prompted allegations of Islamophobia and double standards within the institution, as students point out the administration’s willingness to celebrate Hindu festivals while seemingly reluctant to accommodate Muslim practices.

Despite attempts by the students to seek recourse through higher authorities, including the Dean of Students’ Welfare and the Additional Director General, their efforts were met with staunch resistance, leaving them feeling marginalized and excluded.

In response, students organized peaceful protests on campus and took to social media to express their grievances, calling for greater religious tolerance and inclusivity within the institution. However, they were warned against framing the issue as religious discrimination, further exacerbating tensions.

An audio recording of discussions between students and university officials revealed concerns about the political climate, suggesting that the decision to deny permission for the Iftar party may have been influenced by external factors.

The controversy underscores the need for institutions like IIMC to uphold principles of religious inclusivity and ensure that all students are able to freely practice their faith without fear of discrimination or marginalization.


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