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Indian National League Delegation Visits Family of Lynching Victim Aurangzeb

Aligarh, July 10: A delegation from the Indian National League (INL), led by the national president Professor Muhammad Sulaiman, visited the family of lynching victim Aurangzeb at their home in Ghas Ki Mandi on Tuesday.

Aurangzeb, who worked at a tandoor shop, was returning home from work on the night of June 18 when he was brutally beaten to death by extremists. The incident has drawn widespread condemnation.

Speaking to the media after meeting the bereaved family, Professor Sulaiman expressed his deep sorrow over the tragic incident and criticized the police administration for their handling of the case. He pointed out that it took the police 12 days to register a case against Aurangzeb and six others under charges of robbery and harassment, a move Sulaiman described as ridiculous and indicative of police incompetence and bias.

“The police’s behavior in this matter reflects a bias against a particular community,” Sulaiman said. “The judiciary in our country still upholds the Constitution and will ensure justice. It is appalling that the police have acted under pressure, failing to uphold their duty.”

Professor Sulaiman questioned the motives behind the delayed charges against the victims and highlighted the absurdity of the accusations, suggesting that the police were trying to undermine the case. He also pointed out past instances where extremists have celebrated convicted criminals, indicating a disturbing pattern of behavior.

The INL president called on the police administration to act impartially and ensure justice for Aurangzeb and his family, warning that failure to do so would be detrimental to the country.

The delegation included Syed Osama, Naveed Ahmed, Mohammad Altamash, and Mohammad Zohaib.


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