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Indo-Palestine Solidarity Network Observes Nakba Day to Express Solidarity with Palestinians

New Delhi, May 15: To commemorate the 76th Anniversary of Nakba and express solidarity with Palestinian people, intellectuals, journalists, academicians and social and human rights activists and lawyers gathered at the Press Club of India here Wednesday. The event organized by the Indo-Palestine Solidarity Network demanded that Israel must immediately and permanently stop the genocide and comply with international laws.

Nakba Day is observed to remember the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. “Nakba” signifies the collective trauma and loss experienced by the Palestinian people as a result of the establishment of Israel.

In 1948, the UN Partition Plan proposed the division of British Mandate Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states. The rejection of this plan by Arab leaders led to the outbreak of war. During the conflict, hundreds of Palestinian villages were depopulated and destroyed, leading to the mass exodus of Palestinians from their homes.

Nakba Day serves as a day of remembrance for Palestinians worldwide, symbolizing their ongoing struggle for self-determination, justice, and the right to return to their homeland. It also raises awareness about the continued plight of Palestinian refugees and the enduring impact of the conflict on their lives.

Many Palestinians hope for a future where they can return to their ancestral lands and live in peace and dignity alongside their Israeli neighbors.

Expressing solidarity with Palestinians, senior Journalist Saeed Naqvi said that Netanyahu’s aim at eliminating Hamas won’t be achieved. For Israel, this is going to be the last self-acclaimed hurrah because the power standing behind Israel is weakening. There can be no peace in the world as long as companies dealing with arms exist to support the bases of America.

Presiding over the program, Dr Syeda Hameed, former member of Planning Commission, highlighted the severity of the situation, saying that the dissenting voice and protests in many parts of the world will force the rulers to hang their heads in shame.

Noted social and human rights activist John Dayal, reminding the role of the Indian foreign office, said that India has not shown empathy towards the people of Palestine and the struggle.

A resolution demanded that Israel must immediately and permanently stop the genocide, comply with international laws, immediately and completely withdraw from all Palestinian Territories, and comply with humanitarian law and UN Resolution 194.

The resolution also called upon the USA and its allies to immediately put an end to the sale of weapons to Israel and the UN to continue to support the right of the Palestinians to full membership in the UN. It also called upon Arab nations to break their silence and revisit the Abraham Accords and asked the Indian government to break diplomatic relations with Israel with immediate effect.

Nakba Day, a solemn occasion that commemorates a pivotal moment in Palestinian history, also highlighted the ongoing struggle for justice and peace in the region. As the world reflects on the legacy of Nakba, it is essential to work towards a future where all people can live with dignity, equality, and mutual respect.


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