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Iranian President reminds the Islamic World to liberate Jerusalem

Nov. 7, 2023
President Ebrahim Raisi of the Islamic Republic of Iran gave an interview to Al Jazeera, in which he put forth his views on the Israeli war on Gaza. Asked about his initial thoughts, President Raisi said, “War today is the war of wills. There is the will of the people who are being treated unfairly and there is the unfair will of Israel, some countries of Europe and the United States. There is no doubt that the Iron Will of the Palestinians will win and the future will be for Palestine and the Palestinians.”

Asked about the allegation by Israel that Iran collaborates with Hamas and that Iran was involved in the October 7 Al Aqsa Storm attack by Hamas on Israel, President Raisi said: “Iran is a defender of the Palestinian resistance against the torture and injustice by the Israelis. But if you specifically mean that the Al Aqsa Storm Operation was carried out at the behest and command or an order from Iran (the answer is no).  The Palestinians are free to take their decisions, pursue their military strategy, and adopt the ways that suit them. Today the United States provides the Zionist regime with all equipment and weapons. However, they expect the resistance movements in the region to do nothing (and not exist). The Palestinian resistance movement is completely organic. If the US and some other European countries can establish and support the Zionist regime, we too need to support the Palestinian resistance financially and politically. Let us remember that many Arab countries have fought against the Zionist regime during The Six Day War and this resistance has continued for the last 75 years by the Palestinian resistance fighters.”

The Iranian President reminded the Islamic World that their primary issue is liberating Jerusalem. On reports of the US warning to Iran not to get involved in this war on Gaza, the President of Iran asked, “Why doesn’t America help and support the resistance movement who defend the legitimate rights of their country? Why do they support the Zionist regime in the Occupied Territories? The Palestinian resistance is based on logic, justice, and Islamic ethics. My question to those who don’t support the resistance is – why they don’t support the resistance when (they accept the principle) that everyone has the right to defend his/her life and his/her land?”

On Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s declared ultimate goal “that the war on Gaza aims to eliminate Hamas and reshape the new Middle East as desired by Israel”, Raisi replied, “The Palestinian resistance is not one group or one person. The US and the Zionist regime cannot put an end to the resistance by killing the Palestinians. This will never happen. The resistance is stronger than at any other time in the past. The United States of America now stands isolated from the world. We depend on Allah Almighty, we depend on our beloved people and we depend on our strength. America must understand that our strength is not only in our weapons, our strength is our faith in justice and freedom. That is why we support the resistance movement in Palestine and the region.”



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