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Iran’s Prez calls for ‘int’l inquiry’ into Israel’s use of banned weapons

Israel not only violates humanity, morality and law, but also tries to mislead world public opinion, says Ebrahim Raisi


Tehran, Nov. 22: Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi on Tuesday called for the creation of a “special international inquiry” into Israel’s use of banned weapons in Gaza. Raisi was speaking during a virtual summit of the BRICS group of emerging economies held at the organization’s headquarters in South Africa, reports Iran’s official agency IRNA.

The Iranian leader said the Israeli atrocities in the Gaza Strip are indicative of the West’s moral decline.

“Today, the whole world is in a struggle as we witness live the unprecedented violence and crime committed against Palestine in Gaza. What is happening in Gaza these days clearly reveals the injustice of the Western international system. The Gaza issue is a matter of humanity and justice,” he said.

In no uncertain terms, the Iranian President averred that Israel and its supporters not only violate humanity, morality and the law, but also try to mislead world public opinion by providing disinformation.



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