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Israel has lost the Gaza war on five fronts


Radiance News Service

New Delhi, Nov. 22: Well-known social activist, KK Suhail recently took to Facebook to explain how Israel has lost the Gaza war on five fronts. The following is a brief summary of his incisive analysis:

Dear friends! The Palestinian resistance is making significant strides, while the Zionist forces are facing setbacks on five fronts.

First, Israel has lost the strategic battle of narratives. Unlike the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001 and 2003, there was little global support for Israel while there is overwhelming solidarity for Palestine. From Indonesia to the United States, we have witnessed the largest demonstrations in history in support of Palestine. The recent viral Swedish song, “Leve Palestina och Kross Sionismen” (Long Live Palestine, Crush Zionism), has further amplified the global condemnation of Israel. Even Jewish communities worldwide have stood up against Israel, tarnishing its reputation as a nation that wages a war against innocent infants in incubators. Israel is now synonymous with evil and racism. Therefore, the Palestinian people have achieved a significant victory in the battle of narratives against Zionist occupation.

Secondly, in 2020, the United States and Israel joined forces to forge the Abraham Accord, aiming to normalize relations with Arab nations. UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco were the first four countries to sign the deal. It was anticipated that Saudi Arabia would follow suit in November. However, just 17 days later, Hamas launched attacks on October 7, which disrupted the anticipated normalization process. Had Saudi Arabia normalized relations with Israel, many other countries in the Middle East would have likely followed suit. In light of recent developments, Saudi Arabia has chosen to abstain from its previous decision. Bahrain has now recalled its ambassador and suspended economic ties with Israel. Consequently, Israel finds itself isolated within the entire region. And this marks Israel’s second failure.

Thirdly, on October 7, the world witnessed the vulnerability of the so-called mighty Israeli army and its intelligence agency, Mossad. The fighters effortlessly breached the eight-meter apartheid wall, and the Palestinian fighters easily neutralized the $4 billion Iron Dome with inexpensive $800 Qasam rockets. Compared to the Six Day War of 1967, it took over a month for Israel to reach Gaza City, and the war is still ongoing. Even after a month, they have only managed to harm innocent civilians, including babies and infants. This is their third failure.

Moving on to the fourth failure, this war has had a devastating impact on Israel’s economy, and more economic and political disasters are expected in the coming days. It may take decades for Israel to rebuild its economy and have repercussions on the European economy in the near future.

Fifthly, Israel has now become the most perilous place in the region. Their actions have resulted in a perpetual security threat, as they have mercilessly taken the lives of numerous innocent children, women, and civilians. Elon Musk posed a crucial query: for each Hamas member eliminated, how many new adversaries have been created? By causing harm to the children of Gaza, Israel inadvertently strengthens the ranks of Hamas.

Consequently, the Zionists find themselves at a strategic disadvantage on all fronts. Despite the construction of the Ben-Gurion Canal or the G20 Rail port corridor, which recently received proposals to traverse Gaza, the fundamental question remains: can one truly maintain an indefinite occupation of foreign territory? This pivotal question demands contemplation.”