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Israel’s Arrest Campaigns in the West Bank: Over 9,000 Detained Since Gaza War

14 Jun. 24: Since the onset of the Gaza war on October 7, 2023, Israeli forces have detained over 9,170 Palestinians in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, according to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club (PPC). This widespread arrest campaign has resulted in the detention of at least 310 women and 640 children, highlighting the severe impact on families and communities.

The PPC reported that these arrests have been part of a systematic campaign by Israeli occupation authorities, which has also led to the deaths of at least 18 detainees. Additionally, there are claims that dozens of detainees from Gaza have been killed, though the identities and circumstances of their deaths remain undisclosed.

Journalists have also been significantly affected, with approximately 85 arrested, including 52 still in detention. Among them, 14 journalists are from Gaza, and six female journalists face either administrative detention or charges related to incitement.

The PPC highlighted the extensive use of administrative detention, which allows detention without charge for up to six months, often renewable. Currently, around 6,627 administrative detention orders have been issued.

Conditions for detainees have reportedly been dire, with reports of mistreatment, including deprivation of basic needs, leading to the spread of skin diseases due to poor hygiene and overcrowding.

The PPC has called for an international investigation into these alleged crimes and violations against detainees, emphasizing the urgent need for humanitarian oversight and intervention.

This crackdown has exacerbated tensions in the West Bank, where, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry, at least 543 Palestinians have been killed and nearly 5,200 injured by Israeli forces since the conflict began.

Israel is currently facing accusations of genocide at the International Court of Justice, which has issued an interim ruling demanding the cessation of genocidal acts and ensuring humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza.


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