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Jamia Hamdard Dept. of Management, SMBS organizes Management Fest

New Delhi, Dec. 19: The Department of Management, SMBS at Jamia Hamdard organized a Management Fest: GOONJ-23 (12th-14th December 2023) and Alumni Meet- Alumneria’23 (16th December 2023), as part of the celebrations to mark the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the Department of Management, a statement of the organisers said on Tuesday.

The principal sponsor of the fest was Hamdard Laboratories India (Food Division).

The Vice-Chancellor of Jamia Hamdard Prof. (Dr.) M. Afshar Alam along with the first lady of the university Mrs. Heena Parveen visited the Management Fest: GOONJ-23 in the presence of Dean-SMBS, Prof. Reshma Nasreen; HoD (Management), Prof. Sana Beg and other faculty members. The Vice-Chancellor appreciated the efforts made by all Conveners/Coordinators (both faculty members and students) for organizing Management Fest: GOONJ-23 and presented mementos to all the Conveners and Coordinators.

The Department of Management, SMBS at Jamia Hamdard showcased a harmonious blend of creativity, talent, and nostalgia at this year’s Management Fest- GOONJ-23. The department also hosted an alumni meet- Alumneria’23, in order to reconnect with its alumni of past 25 years. The events unfolded as a celebration of excellence and camaraderie, leaving an indelible mark on participants and attendees alike.

Goonj’23, a crescendo of creativity and talent, witnessed a multitude of events that showcased the diverse skills and passions of its participants. From the innovative Business Plan Competition in the Innovation Odyssey to the Qawwali by the renowned Niyazi Brothers, each event added a unique note to the symphony of success. On the one hand there were business-oriented events like the case study competition on the most successful Indian brand, Brand Lab- on the “Hamdard Rooh Afza” while on the other hand there were dynamic fun-filled events like- Reflections, a talent show, the electrifying Battle of Bands, and the mesmerizing Star Night featuring DJ Chesta & the Rocknaama Band. There were more than 8000 students who gathered each evening to attend these events. Around 25 different stalls were displayed for the students which included food stalls as well as business endeavors that added to the excitement of the gathering.

Alumneria’23 came forth as successful efforts to reconnect and rejuvenate the growing alumni community of the department. It included a diverse range of events, each contributing to the overall vibrancy and success of the gathering. The event showcased the alumni community’s prowess in corporate endeavors, cultural expressions, entrepreneurship, and social impact, reaffirming their commitment to excellence. A reasonably good number of esteemed alumni across batches spanning more than two decades turned up for the meet.

Both GOONJ’23 and Alumneria’23 have not only elevated the stature of Department of Management, SMBS, Jamia Hamdard but have also set a benchmark for future editions, promising an even more exceptional celebration of talent, diversity, and successful reconnect.


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