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Jesus in the Islamic Scripture

– Nazeer Ahmed Kazi

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December with religious fervor and special prayers for peace in almost all churches across the whole world. Churches are decorated with lights, balloons and ribbons to celebrate Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is an auspicious day when people from other faiths wish Christians. Prophet Jesus is mentioned more than 25 times in many chapters of the Qur’ān, which is more than any other prophet. The Quran frequently mentions him as the Messiah, a Mercy, Prophet, Messenger, Word from God, Spirit, a Sign, One Brought Near (God), Upright, Servant, Eminent, Blessed, a Witness, and a Parable. As such he is honoured everywhere by Muslims.

In Islam, Jesus is revered as a Prophet. Islam is the only non-Christian faith that prescribes faith in Jesus Christ. No Muslim is Muslim if he does not believe in Jesus Christ. We Muslims believe that he was one of the Messengers of God. We Muslims believe that God sent 1,24,000 Prophets from time to time and Jesus is one of them, and Muhammad ﷺ was last and final Messenger of God. As such he is honoured everywhere by Muslims. That is why Jesus is a revered figure in Islam.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is described in the Quran as “One exalted above all womenkind”. The Chapter No. 19 of the Quran is named after her. It tells of the miraculous birth of Jesus. The story begins with an Angel announcing the birth of a holy son to Mary, who being a chaste woman, was quite distraught on having this news. But the Angel reassured her that this was the Will of God, that it was not difficult for Him and it was a Sign and a Blessing to all humankind.

When Mary gave birth to Jesus without any male intervention, and brought him to her people, they all pointed fingers at her. But she was told by God to remain silent and to point to the Baby. As the people were wondering how they could talk to a child in the cradle, the baby Jesus performed his first miracle by saying these words:

“I am God’s Servant. He has given me the book and made me a prophet.”

The Bible says, “Trust your Lord with all your heart and lean not your own understanding and submit to Him and He will make your paths straight, put your trust in God, set aside your anxieties, doubts, suspicion and turn to the Lord.”

In Hebrew it is: “Hear! O Israel! The Lord our God is One Lord.” (Mark 12:29)

The Holy Quran in Chapter 112 says: He is Allah The One, the Eternal, Absolute; He begets not, Nor is He begotten.

When Jesus attained manhood, God bestowed upon him “scriptures and wisdom, along with the Torah and Gospel.”

He was also given the power to perform a number of miracles, such as fishing a living bird out of clay; giving sight to a blind; healing a leper, and raising the dead to life. The Bible clearly says we have sent Jesus to establish peace on earth. Islam means establishing peace through the Will of God. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was also sent to establish peace on earth.

Christmas is a day when the truth dawned on the world. With this truth, the world is able to comprehend the dictums of good and bad, just and unjust, and virtue and vice. Thus, celebrating Christmas is rejoicing in this propounded truth and sharing it with others.

[The writer is Professor Secab, Vijaypur, Karnataka]


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