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JIH Assam North Held Camp to Nurture Women Leadership

Guwahati, Nov. 14, 2023

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Assam North organised a two-day Tanzeemi and Tarbiyati Camp for its selected members and workers here recently. JIH National Secretary Shaista Rafat and Assistant Secretary Sumaiya Maryam were present as resource persons.

The two days camp aimed at empowering women in various aspects of leadership and making them strong in understanding the organizational setup by bringing together women from all units across Assam North.

The program commenced with an inspirational session, wherein Sajida Mullah shared insights and guidance from the Qur’an, which set a spiritual tone for the camp.

The introductory address was delivered by Representative of Ameer-e-Halqa, Dr. Dewan Nazrul Qadir, wherein he emphasized the importance of the training camp and the roles of women in working together towards achieving our goal.

All the participants engaged in a unique “Knowing Each Other” session, conducted innovatively by Mallika Alam and Maryam Parveen, to foster a sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding.

Mrs. Zahida Batul, Nazima Women Wing, JIH Assam North, briefly spoke about the Term Plan of Assam North Halqua and presented last three months activity report of women department of the  Halqua.

The morning session concluded with a focus on self-development planning by Mrs. Fakhra Tabassum.

The afternoon session featured a panel discussion on “Bunyadi and Lazimi Kaam,” moderated by Mrs. Sumaya Maryam. The 5 panelists shared valuable insights and practical tips on the basic duties each cadre has to keep in mind as a responsible Islamic worker.

The attendees actively participated in a workshop on “Leading the Right Way,” facilitated by Mrs. Shaista Rafat, wherein she shed light on how the cadre could themselves be motivated and lead the fellow companions in the caravan to please Allah.

The day concluded with a Session on “Muzaakira on Empowering the Ummah – Women’s Role,” witnessed contributions from six speakers within the Zone, followed by comments by Mrs. Shaista Rafat.

A post-dinner entertainment session, “Self-expressions,” was organized,  allowing all participants to express themselves and get to know each other, stay connected, and learn from each other.

The second day began with an inspirational session on Hadith/Seerah by Rashida Khatun, setting the tone for the day.

A presentation on “Team Building & Strengthening” by Mrs. Shaista Rafat emphasized the importance of teamwork and unity.

A session was delivered on “Spiritual Development: Key to Our Mission and Role by Mrs. Sumaiya Maryam.

A seminar on “Interpersonal Relationships” involved four participants, each sharing their views. Mrs. Shaista Rafat provided insightful comments, which enhanced the discussion by emphasizing the fact that good relations between the cadre are necessary to achieve the common goal of the organization.

A brief session on self-development and planning was conducted by Mrs. Shaista Rafat, in which she made the cadre aware of the importance of self-development and how as women, they could achieve it and how they could plan for the same.

A seminar on “Mulki Umoor: Our Interventions – Platforms and Strategies” featured insights from four participants followed by comments from Mrs. Sumaya Maryam.

The Markazi team along with Representative of Ameer-e-Halqua conducted an open session, engaging the cadre in an interactive discussion and took feedback from them.

The camp concluded with a presidential address by Mrs. Shaista Rafat, reflecting on the significance of the training camp and encouraging the participants to apply the knowledge gained.

Bazlul Basit Choudhury extended heartfelt thanks to Markazi team and all participants along with the School Authority. He encouraged and urged all the participants to come forward and work hard. He added that the training they got there will be fruitful if only they work on ground.


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