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JIH Gujarat hosts A-I Mushaira, Literary Extravaganza


Radiance News

Ahmedabad, Jan. 3: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Gujarat and Idara-e-Adab-e-Islami Gujarat organised a literary gathering, wherein renowned Urdu and Gujarati writers and educationists were honored, and an All-India Mushaira was also held at Tagore Hall here.

Speaking with Radiance, JIH Gujarat President Dr. Mohammad Salim Patiwala stated that the long-term goal of JIH Gujarat is to address the current intellectual crisis and unhealthy trends. This involves focusing on establishing a system of thought based on the principles of Islamic life and fostering acceptance of this system. Literature and arts play a crucial role in this work.

The eminent artists and writers from Gujarat honored on this occasion included Shoaibuddin Rathore, a respected folk artist and writer; Dawood Bhai Ghanchi, an educationist; Professor Bombaywala, an expert in Urdu and Persian; famous Gujarati poet and writer Mosafer Palanpuri, and Zahiruddin Sheikh, translator of the Quran, biography, and various other books.
Later, Mr. Palanpuri presented his new collection of humorous poems.
Presiding over the event, Dr. Hasan Raza spoke eloquently on literature and culture, emphasizing the role of an artist and poet who breathes life into words. He beautifully elucidated the various meanings in which different poets have used the word ‘Nadaan’ and highlighted its significance through poetic verses. Dr. Raza further emphasized that culture is the name of embellishing and nurturing all relationships and connections between Allah and His creatures.

The poetry session commenced with the well-known poet Naeem Akhtar Burhanpuri, reciting a Naat with melodious intonation. Esteemed poets from across the country participated. After a long time, this city witnessed such a magnificent literary event, and the enthusiasm of the audience was commendable.