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JIH Maharashtra President Voices Concern over Hit-And-Run Cases, Calls Society to Do Collective Soul-searching

Mumbai, July 9: The President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), Maharashtra, Maulana Ilyas Khan Falahi has voiced concern over hit-and-run cases, and called for collective soul-searching by society to address the problem.

In a statement to the media, the JIH Maharashtra President said, “It is with great concern that we observe a distressing rise in hit-and-run cases in our beloved state of Maharashtra.  The youth, often driving high-speed cars recklessly and under the influence of alcohol, are at the forefront of these tragic incidents. Many of these young drivers are children from affluent families, who have not been disciplined correctly or ignored the noble moral values one expects from those coming from elite educational institutions and blessed with privileges and material wealth.”

Maulana Ilyas Falahi further stated, “Regrettably, the sanctity of life is slowly slipping away from the minds of our younger generation. This is a sad reflection on our education system and the larger social order that we have constructed. The fading respect for the sanctity of life is also evident in the growing incidents of mob violence and mob lynching that plague our communities. Our political landscape is becoming increasingly polluted with hate and division, eroding the respect for human values and human life.”

Commenting on the problem of hit-and-run cases, Maulana Ilyas Falahi said, “When we analyze the moral, socio-political, and psychological aspects of this menace of hit-and-run cases and drunken driving by the younger generation, we realize that somewhere we have failed in raising our children with the correct values and moral character. It is time for religious leaders, social activists, parents, and the government to take this issue very seriously. The rising number of such incidents raises a significant question mark on where our society and nation are heading. It is time for collective soul-searching by society. We must collectively strive to instill in our youth a deep respect for life and humanity. Only through united efforts can we hope to build a safer, more compassionate society for future generations.”


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