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JIH-WB condemns dance and music in the name of cultural program at Aliah University

Radiance News Service

– Shabana Javed

Kolkata, Nov. 30: Aliah University organized a cultural program expressedly to welcome new students in the New Town campus of the university here Saturday. Much against the historical tradition of the institution, the cultural program not only gave way to dance and music to the tune of Hindi songs, but the students participating in the program were allegedly seen consuming alcohol, the mother of all evils. This is despite the fact that many students objected to the program going haywire. But, thanks to the apathy of the organisers of the program as well as the university administration in maintaining the cultural tradition of the institution, the sane voice was ignored and eventually a sort of commotion ensued. This led Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) West Bengal to condemn the evil practices showcased in the event within the precincts of the university.

Organizing cultural programs in educational institutions is not a new thing. Every educational institution organizes cultural programs to maintain its historical and cultural traditions. But this does not mean that an institution should allow evil practices in the name of organizing a cultural program.

Ameer Halqua JIH West Bengal Masihur Rahman said the institution was known as Aliya Madrasa, which was later given the status of a university. “Ignoring this historical root, how such a program can be organized here,” he wondered, adding that the Islamic culture of this institution should be strengthened in such a way that the students studying here can get familiar with Islamic principles and culture.

In order to remove the misunderstandings being spread against Islam, the JIH state leader has written a letter to the university administration, appealing to them to respond to this issue. He has also written a letter to the Governor, who is Chancellor of the university and appealed to him to maintain the historical status of the institution and such evil practices should not be allowed to take place in the university in future.

Aliya Madrasa was considered one of the most popular and historic educational institutions in India. In 1880, Warren Hastings founded this educational institution. Later, a new university campus was built in the city’s New Town where departments of engineering, science and arts were established. A separate hostel was built for girl students.

A large number of Aliah University students are also questioning the nature of the programme. The students alleged that outsiders were invited to the campus on the day to defame the fair name of the university by displaying immoral behavior in the name of development.


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