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Jordanian King’s daughter takes part in airdrop over Gaza

Princess Salma, who holds rank of 1st lieutenant in Jordanian Air Force, participates in airdrop of medical supplies to Jordanian field hospital

Dec. 15: The Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) announced Thursday that Princess Salma, the daughter of King Abdullah II, participated in an airdrop of critical medical supplies to Jordan’s field hospital in the Gaza Strip, reported Anadolu Agency on Friday, citing an official statement issued on the army’s official website.

According to the statement, the report said, the JAF conducted the fifth airdrop in the evening, delivering urgent medical supplies using parachutes to the Jordanian Field Hospital, Gaza 76.

“The crew of the aircraft, operated under royal directives, was accompanied by Her Royal Highness Princess Salma bint Abdullah II, holding the rank of First Lieutenant/Pilot in the Royal Jordanian Air Force,” the statement added.

It highlighted that the Royal Jordanian Air Force crew successfully dropped boxes containing medical and therapeutic supplies to ensure the continuity of the hospital’s operations.

The Jordanian army previously conducted four airdrops of aid to its first field hospital in Gaza. The first airdrop took place on Nov. 6, followed by the second six days later, the third on Nov. 30 and the fourth last Thursday.

In addition to its first hospital in the Strip, which was established 14 years ago, and sending two field hospitals to Nablus and Khan Younis during the ongoing conflict, Jordan has two surgical stations in Jenin and Ramallah.


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