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Karnataka government scraps NEP, plans its own education policy

The Congress-led government in Karnataka has decided to scrap the National Education Policy (NEP) promoted by the BJP-led government.

Clarifying the stand of the state government, the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, DK Shivakumar said, “The government today had a series of meetings with all the Vice Chancellors, and education experts and had various conversations including our officials. We have declared it in our Manifesto. We deliberated on the issue and as you rightly know – the National Education Policy was brought in 2021 but still many BJP-ruled states have not taken interest and they have not adopted it in their states. Various states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala have already rejected it. Education is a state subject. We looked at the issue comprehensively.”

Karnataka is “very strong on the education front,” he said. The Knowledge Capital of India, as it is called, Karnataka has a huge human resource pool. It has the highest number of international schools, primary schools, engineering colleges, medical colleges, nursing colleges and other educational institutions.

Karnataka has a very good ranking in the entire country, for it has its own system of quality education. And now it is coming out with a new Karnataka Education Policy.

The State is going to form a committee to look into these aspects.

“We will look at the international agenda and the national agenda. We want to look (secure) the future of the children of Karnataka,” Shivakumar added.


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