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Make Bihar Madrasas Model: Governor Arlekar

Governor Arlekar said efforts should be made to make Bihar Madrasas a model for the country.

– Md. Sami Ahmad

Patna, 17 Sep 2023: Governor of Bihar Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar is a known RSS and BJP person but his recent observations about Madrasas have been well appreciated. Talking recently at a two-day (11-12 September) seminar on “Madrasa System of Education: Asset, Not Liability” organised by Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna at its seminar hall, Mr. Arlekar promised Governor House’s full support to the betterment of Madrasas of Bihar.

His nice words for Madrasas have come at a time when Begusarai MP and central minister Giriraj Singh has asked for a UP-like survey of the state Madrasas. The BJP leaders have been talking ill about Madrasas but the Governor’s speech has come as a welcome move.

Governor Arlekar said efforts should be made to make Bihar Madrasas a model for the country. He said, “There is a lot of discussion about Madrasas these days. Some say good things, others say bad things about Madrasas. We need to come above these.”

He acknowledged that Madrasas maintain the traditional method of education, and added, “We need to think about how to make the Madrasas better. We should think about how a scientific approach can be adopted in Madrasas.”

He pointed out, “If somebody says something unpleasant about Madrasas, we have the responsibility to shut the mouth of such elements. We need to bring out the fact that there are Madrasas where good education is provided.”

Mr. Arlekar emphasized, “We need to introduce computer and IT technology in our Madrasas. Then our Madrasas will be an example for the rest of the country. We should make endeavors towards this aim. Let the example of Bihar work for the rest of the country. Raj Bhavan’s full support is for the development of the Madrasas.”

Speaking on the occasion, Director of the Library Dr. Shayesta Bedar asserted that Madrasa students could be an asset for nation-building if they are given the traditional education along with the basics of Hindi, English, Arithmetic, Science, Computers, and self-employing job-oriented vocational courses.

She said, “(Such) students will be better equipped to participate in the workforce and contribute to the development of the nation. With this aim in view, I am sure the government will provide sufficient financial support to Madrasas to implement this programme.”

Dr. Bedar said Madrasas had played a vital role in the education of millions of people in India, especially the downtrodden. She concluded, “Madrasas can continue to play a positive role in nation-building if they are given the necessary support and attention to march ahead.”

Educationist Hassan Waris said that undoubtedly Madrasa education is an asset. “There is a need to revive the Madrasa education system. Madrasa students do not lack talent, what they need is that they are guided properly,” said Mr. Waris. He said that Madrasas need to appoint teachers according to the need.

Noted surgeon and social activist Dr. Ahmad Abdul Hai said one-third population of the world speaks Arabic. “If we develop the art of Arabic speaking along with English, the future of the Madrasa students will be bright,” opined the reputed social activist.


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