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Mera Allah Hai Kaafi (Sufficient for us is Allah)

Md Sami Ahmad

“Allah Hai Kaafi” is the latest Nasheed released by The Nasheed Studio whose philosophy is driven from the Ayat No. 173 of Surah Aale Imran. It is Hindustani lyrical expression for حَسۡبُنَا اللّٰہُ وَ نِعۡمَ الۡوَکِیۡلُ.

The singer of this Nasheed is Khalid Niyazi, who is also composer of the same. Lyrics have been written by Salahuddin Ahmad, who is also the Founder of The Nasheed Studio channel.

The first stanza of the song is:

Band Ho Jayein Duniya Ke Saare Dar Nahin Parwah

Humko Maloom Hai Tera Hi Dar Hai Har Dard Ki Dawaa

Har Haal Me Tujh Se Hi Umeed Rehti Hai Baaqi

Kyun Maangu Duwa Kisi Se Main

Mujhko Mera Allah Hai Kaafi

The Nasheed Studio’s YouTube channel has 12 more such Nasheeds. It has received good views and comments. One of its Nasheeds is in English titled ‘Muhammad, the hero of mankind’. ‘Allah Hi Pukarun’, written by Shez Khan and sung by Zuber Niyazi and Shez Khan, has attracted more than fourteen thousand views.

A science graduate in information technology, Salahuddin Ahmad says that Nasheed is a Turkish word globally popular and used for Hamd, Naat, Dua or any such song related to Islam or its teachings.

Eldest among five siblings, Salahuddin Ahmad says that Nasheed is an effort toward Halal Music. By Halal music, he means what is permissible in Islam. It gives a platform for the Halal way of using one’s melodious voice.

All musical renderings by The Nasheed will have a cappella (harmonising voice/ chorus) rather than using a musical instrument. Sometimes Duff sound can be used as per the requirement which is permissible in Islam. This would be an alternate Halal Music platform globally for all the singers and listeners, who are practising Islam, to unleash their talent.

Salahuddin Ahmad says that music is declared Haram but no alternative for entertainment, wherein Islamic lyrics can be presented through singing following the guidance of Islam, has been suggested. “The Nasheed Studio will try to fill that vacuum,” hopes the budding singer.


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