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Modern education must be included in madrasa syllabi, assert Islamic scholars

Hafiz Mohammad Ayaz of Delhi, who topped Ifta exam being presented a Certificate and Rs. 25,000/- as prize money along with a laptop by Dr. Al-Sheikh Ibrahim bin Nasir Al-Sawafi from Oman

Visually impaired Hafiz Ayaz tops in Jamea-Tul-Hidaya’s Ifta exam


– Pervez Bari

Jaipur, Feb. 12: Well-known Islamic scholars from home and abroad emphasized including modern education viz. Mathematics, Science, Computers and technical education, etc. in Madrasa education syllabus while addressing the assemblage in the graduation ceremony of Jamea-Tul-Hidaya here Sunday.

The ceremony was presided over by Maulana Fazl-ur-Rahim Mujaddidi, General Secretary of All-India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). Dr. Al-Sheikh Ibrahim bin Nasir Al-Sawafi from Oman was Chief Guest while Mufti Barkatullah Abdul Qadir Qasmi from England was Guest of Honour.

Other luminaries who graced the occasion included Prof. Mohsin Usmani Nadvi (New Delhi), Maulana Ataur Rahman (Assam), Dr. Mujahid Salim (Jaipur), Noor Elahi Shamsi (Jaipur), Farooq Abbas Khatri (Jaipur), Abdul Hafeez Master (Jaipur), and Amjad Osman Khan.

Maulana Fazl-ur-Rahim Mujaddidi, Rector of Jamea-Tul-Hidaya, delivering presidential address

Delivering his presidential address, Maulana Fazl-ur-Rahim Mujaddidi, who is also Rector of Jamea-Tul-Hidaya, said: “We have to connect the educational system and curriculum of our Madrasas with economics because no knowledge can be effective unless it is connected with it. Great scientists, economists and mathematicians were born when our religious institutions imparting education were connected with economics. However, when we abandoned it, we started lagging in the progress of the world in comparison to other communities.”

He appealed to madrasa functionaries to understand the requirements of the present era and pay attention to the intellectual and educational training of students while equipping them with religious and contemporary education.

Chief Guest Dr. Al-Sheikh Ibrahim bin Nasir Al-Sawafi from Oman addressing the assemblage

Chief Guest Dr. Al-Sawafi urged madrasas managements to take steps for students to learn and master Arabic besides other languages. He said any knowledge beneficial to humanity should be learned. Expressing his happiness on his visit to Jamea-Tul-Hidaya, he said it has a curriculum that includes religious, contemporary and technical education. Students should study with perseverance and dedication, and other Madrasas should also adopt this curriculum. He urged students to work for propagation of Islam and welfare of Muslims after completing education.

Mufti Barkatullah Abdul Qadir Qasmi, Professor of Hadith and Fiqh, Ibrahim College of London, also an expert in Islamic banking, while hailing the characteristics of Jamea-Tul-Hidaya curriculum, said that the education he had gained after toiling for 30 years was now available in only 12-13 years. He said he did 10th, 12th, graduation and post-graduation but now you can do graduation directly. He added that institutions like Jamea-Tul-Hidaya should be opened in every district of India to bridge the gap between ancient and modern education.

Graduates of Jamea-Tul-Hidaya being administered Oath of Commitment

Prof. Mohsin Usmani Nadvi and Dr. Mujahid Salim also spoke on the occasion. While Maulana Fazl-ur-Rahim Mujaddidi administrated oath of commitment to the students who graduated as Muftis and Aalims from Jamea-Tul-Hidaya in this academic year.

Hafiz Mohammad Ayaz, a visually impaired student from Delhi, notched up First position in the examination of one-year Online Ifta course conducted by Jamea-Tul-Hidaya’s Department of Ifta. Besides Certificate, he was given Rs. 25,000 and a laptop. While, Eid Mohammad and Mohammad Ashraf Ali, both of Jaipur, bagged second and third positions respectively. Both were given certificates and mobile phones.

Nishan-e-Hidayat Award to 3 ex-students every year

Jamea-Tul-Hidaya’s three ex-students, Late Maulana Jameel Rahimi, Maulana Fazlur Rahim and Mufti Mohammad Adil Khan Rahimi Tonki were honoured with Nishan-e-Hidayat Awards for their exceptional performances in their respective fields. This award has been instituted from this year and shall be awarded every year from now onwards to three ex-students of Jamea for their notable services in their areas of activities.