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Mohammad Furkan Shoaib Unveils Revolutionary Flying Supercar Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells

– Raheem Khan

Jaipur, Feb. 19: In a groundbreaking revelation, Roxtern Aerospace has introduced a paradigm-shift flying supercar, harnessing the cutting-edge power of hydrogen fuel cell technology. This visionary aircraft, conceptualized and brought to life under the inventive leadership of CEO and Chief Inventor Mohammad Furkan Shoaib, is poised to redefine the aviation industry with its exceptional blend of efficiency, speed, and safety.

Mohammad Furkan shared exciting news from Roxtern Aerospace about the unveiling of their innovative Flying Supercar powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology. A patent has been published for this supercar, which promises quieter take-offs, faster speeds, improved safety, and zero emissions.

Specifications Overview

The Roxtern Aerospace flying supercar stands as a pinnacle of innovation, tailored for urban air mobility and intercity flights. With a two-passenger payload capacity, this sleek vehicle spans 10.5 meters in length, flaunts an 11-meter wingspan, and reaches a height of 2.3 meters. Boasting a maximum takeoff weight of 1450 kg and an empty weight of 1250 kg, the flying supercar achieves a remarkable endurance of 100 minutes, propelling itself at speeds of up to 300 km/h and covering a substantial range of 500 km.

Propulsion System

The heart of this marvel lies in Roxtern Aerospace’s unwavering commitment to efficiency and innovation. Eight propellers, strategically mounted for vertical takeoff and landing, not only minimize propeller noise for discreet take-offs and landings but also reduce disc loading and enhance hovering efficiency. During horizontal flight, a sophisticated electric jet engine comprising 12 units ensures higher forward flight speed and efficiency, making it an optimal choice for swift intercity travel.

Safety Features

Roxtern Aerospace’s flying supercar distinguishes itself with a comprehensive safety system. Multiple motors and propellers facilitate safe vertical takeoff and landing, ensuring a secure descent in the event of propeller or motor failure. Simultaneously, multiple electric jet engines engage during cruise flight, providing redundancy in case of engine failure, elevating the overall safety profile of the aircraft.

To further fortify safety, multiple hydrogen fuel cells power the aircraft, offering redundancy in case of fuel cell failure. The incorporation of multiple batteries acts as a fail-safe mechanism, ensuring a secure landing in the event of a complete fuel cell system failure.

Additional Safety Measures

In a testament to safety innovation, Roxtern Aerospace has incorporated features to mitigate risks during unforeseen circumstances. Parachutes, seamlessly integrated and ready to deploy in the event of multiple motor and propeller failures, guarantee a safe descent to the ground.

Furthermore, strategically placed airbags within the aircraft are designed to eject and reduce crash forces during emergency landings on both solid ground and water surfaces. This additional layer of safety underscores Roxtern Aerospace’s unwavering commitment to passenger well-being and accident prevention.

The unveiling of Roxtern Aerospace’s flying supercar, spearheaded by Shoaib’s inventive leadership, signifies a pivotal shift in the aerospace industry. By merging cutting-edge technology with an unyielding commitment to safety, this aircraft emerges as a key player in shaping the future of urban air mobility and intercity travel.

Earlier in September 2021, the world was introduced to Asia’s first hybrid flying car, developed by Vinata Aeromobility. The innovator behind Asia’s first hybrid flying car, Mohammed Furkan Shoaib, was the chief technology officer of Vinata Aeromibility, a start-up based in Chennai.

Furkan, from Kannauj (Kanpur) Uttar Pradesh, is an Indian inventor, an aeronautical engineer as well as a certified UAV pilot. He is an expert in Aerospace Design and UAV Engineering. He has a passion for making advanced aircraft and UAVs. He also has experience in the research and development of UAVs and aircraft.


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