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MORAL DECISION: Kerala’s firm stops Israeli orders

– Mohammed Atherulla Shariff

Kerala, October 22, 2023: ‘Seeing is believing’, seeing is ‘moving’ and ‘motivating’ too. It is impactful and responsive. That is exactly what a Kerala-based private apparel firm has done.

Maryan Apparel that has been supplying uniforms for Israel’s police force for the past several years has decided not to take up any new orders until the war in Gaza is stopped.

News about the horrifying killings, continuing bloodshed, the bombing of hospitals and the never-ending scenes of hardships of innocent people forced Maryan Apparel Pvt Limited here to put a temporary freeze on new orders from the Israel police force.

Thomas Olickal, who runs Maryan Apparel, said the firm had not thought of making any change in their business plan even after the war broke out in the West Asia region early this month but took the decision after seeing the suffering inflicted on the civilian population in Gaza.

“We have been making uniforms for the Israel police since 2015. The Hamas attack, killing civilians cannot be accepted. Similarly, the revenge by Israel also cannot be accepted,” Olickal said in a video message announcing the decision.

Maryan Apparel makes the light blue, long-sleeve uniform shirts of the Israel Police. Expressing deep concern over the present situation in Gaza, Thomas said denying food and water to over 25 lakh people, bombing hospitals, killing innocent women and children is unacceptable. “We want the war to end and peace to prevail,” he said.

The businessman said his firm will honour the existing contracts as per the international agreement but has decided not to accept any new orders until the war ends.

“We request everyone to stop the war. The Israel police force will not be short of uniforms because of our decision. But this a moral decision. Bombing of the hospitals cannot be accepted… We have decided not to take further orders temporarily,” he added.


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