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Nailah Firdose tops Space Poem Contest

By Mohammed Atherulla Sariff

‘Sky is not the limit’ has been manifested by different people in different manners. 15-year-old Nailah Firdose, a tenth standard student from industrial town Davangere in Karnataka, has exhibited her poetic instinct to cover the space journey.

She has rightly been awarded first prize in the Space Poem Contest conducted by a pan India organization Amrita Space Club for her poem Look Over The Moon.

The poem is all about an adventure in and exploring the space beauty. At some point it is called the Chamber of Secrets because of its undiscovered objects.

Nailah Firdose goes on…

If you ever look at the moon,

It is better to set out afternoon,

In a spacecraft towards the sky,

Oh My!

It’s exciting to space travel, And

unwrap the black masses’ marvel.

Amongst the darkness of space,

Twinkling stars sparkle,

Aligned with grace.

The sun is itself a miracle;

Around it 8 planets revolve in their


Through the cockpit,

The dazzling celestial bodies in the

milky way,

In their rhythm they sway.

To my surprise,

The beauty of cosmos arose from its

cosmic light.

And a little further

The metagalactic space unravels its


A lot unexplored, the rest known is


Chamber of Secrets as it is known to


It’s just like a hidden key,

Whose distance is not far,

Across the sea of stars.

I don’t believe that sky is the limit

When there are footprints on the moon;

And may be on other planets soon.


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