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NEIEA Provides Free Online Classes through NIOS, Extending Educational Outreach to Students in Need

– Radiance News Service

The New Equitable and Innovative Educational Association (NEIEA) has decided to offer free online classes for secondary subjects through NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling). Led by educationists and supporters, NEIEA is an attempt to advance educational goals with innovative pedagogy, an inclusive culture and cutting-edge technology.

Over 6000 students are enrolled with NEIEA, and 5000+ students have completed their course. Their main targeted learning groups are girls, madrasa students, homeless children, children living in slums, public and private schools, and dropout students. The Hyderabad based NGO has also worked with the Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society (TMREIS) and also uses MOOC as a format for their courses.

According to their official website, “NEIEA is an initiative that employs cutting-edge technological tools, incorporates the best pedagogy and teaching practices, and utilizes ethical, transparent, and democratic processes to expand education to new frontiers, making it more equitable and accessible for learners worldwide.”

The subjects they offer include Math, English, Science, Data Entry Operation and Home Science. They focus especially on marginalised communities who otherwise are restricted by barriers to quality education. Students can fill out a registration form, and once completed, their classes will be scheduled as per their convenience, thus making it possible for them access the classes despite uncertain schedules.

Drop-outs being a major concern for marginalised communities in India, NEIEA’s efforts are appreciable and have shown results, with many students who had previously dropped out due to financial or social compulsions entering the traditional education system again.

Mr Javeed Mirza is currently president of NEIEA.

Mr Javeed Mirza – Founder & President

NEIEA has five main professed objectives:

  1. To pursue rapid growth of education from basic to highest level for all marginalized sections
  2. of society on a sustainable basis;
  3. Leverage the Indian Ministry of Education & affiliate bodies, the International Educational bodies like UNESCO, UNICEF, and global agencies, trusts and foundations for educational enhancement;
  4. Initiate innovative and creative strategies for building quality in education using advanced Technology for and freeware software;
  5. Ensure resilience and sustainability in fulfilling educational needs that lead to quality of life and livelihood, and
  6. Leverage, influence, collaborate, partner and affiliate with all groups and educational institutions of marginalized, weaker sections of society that share its objectives.

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